My Dinengdeng

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2 years ago

Hi guys!

another batch of my dinengdeng🤣

they are now asking for it almost everyday.😅

we have left over grilled milkfish yesterday so i put it also on my dinengdeng...

u just cant see it because it on the buttom🤣.

of course presentation its a must 😂

idont know if this fish is SALAY but all ican say its very expensive..iwas shocked when my partner's said "ITS P280 PER KILO"

so isaid mygadd iwill eat it all even its bones🤣ijust told him to never everrrr buy that kind of fish again! they said its healthier to eat fish.. but with that amount?!

i will get hypertension😂


Dinengdeng is a ilocano dish ..its just a mixed boiled with a fish bagoong .

it looks like a Pakbet but its just more soupy and more kind of veggies is added.

its very convient for ilocanos cause when you cook it its just need a onion and fish bagoong let it boiled then add the veggies.its not necessary to put grillledor fried fish on it..its up to you.

Fish Bagoong is Fish paste.

Hope u love my dinengdeng😊


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@ExpertWritter thankyou for your advice ilk keep that in just. newbie here. and im still learning how to write articles

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2 years ago

Hi axexel. You can post an article that have almost 4 minutes or more read. Don't post short article. Don't get me wrong i just want to help you how to write here so that you will not reported as a Spam. 😊

Edit this Is my Article to teach you how to write here. I hope it will help you to improve:

God bless!

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2 years ago

Looks like a delicious meal! I don't know how to make a dinengdeng but I think I should try to make one as well. That 'salay' fish is so expensive tho. I don't eat much fish but 280 pesos per kilo was like eating a pork. Nonetheless, continue sharing your wonderful cooking experiences here in!

Welcome here!

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2 years ago