Japanese sushi

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- 2 cups of Japanese rice,

-3 teaspoons of vinegar,

- Soy sauce quarter teaspoon,

-Waby 4 drops,

- 300 grams of salmon,

- 4 teaspoons of sugar

-Ginger 50 grams.


First you have to take a foot and clean the rice well in it, boil them and cook the rice. Then take these hot rice on another foot and mix it well with vinegar, sugar and soy sauce and cool it.

Then after it cools down, take the amount of rice from it in the palm of your hand and make sushi by pressing it well with two fingers.

Then you have to give a small amount of wabi on it then thin the salmon and cut it into many slices.

Then take these fish slices and put them on the rice and if you want you can do it with shrimp.

Then you will notice that the soy sauce and wabi ginger are very thinly sliced ​​and soaked in vinegar and sugar for 1-2 hours.

Then your delicious Japanese sushi will be made

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