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Take The Best Positions As The SmartBCH Rally Begins!

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1 month ago

You probably don't realize yet how lucky we are to be this early in this market of SmartBCH. All it needs is patience, keep working positively towards increasing adoption and there will be a point we can sit back and enjoy at a position of advantage.

Image downloaded from Pixabay (free).

I have a question to my readers as I value the opinion of all other users of Read cash and want to make my topics more interactive. It is always better than a boring one-sided approach when we are writing and expressing only our view.

The question is this:

We have 33 tokens today listed on the SmartBCH SEP20 token index, MarketCap.Cash. If you were given $1,000 today but with the option of selecting just one of these tokens and investing this $1,000 for long term "hodl", which one would it be and why?

Although this is the one approach of buying the asset, there is also the DeFi aspect, where we put our tokens for a good use and try to multiply them. Will this also be an option to you? You can buy only one token but exclude BCH, so the number goes down to 32.

We can have a fun and constructive conversation, and I am also considering this a lot. The terms would be better if we could choose between two or three out of them, but I also think that selecting only one, will make us think better, find the details we think about, examine the charts and the concept behind the project.

I will explain which is the "one" for me and why.

Which SEP20 token I selected and why.

I explain again that there is no reason to just go with one investment and ignore the rest, always the best way had been to diversify for me, although in the crypto market there is the BTC dominance that affects the prices of the rest assets. If it gets very lower as a number, it will stop becoming a burden to the rest crypto assets and allow a better competitive environment.

In SmartBCH we have reached 30 tokens and soon 50 and next target will be 100.

Some of these SEP20 tokens were also SLP and either migrated or created a new token with SmartBCH. It is also nice to see action and if it is SmartBCH tokens that will become more important in the future, I find the move to SmartBCH an important one.

My selection

After a lot of research and some latest developments, the SEP20 token I would be CashCats. My reasons are stated next:

1) There are plans not just for NFTs but also an NFT marketplace:

2) CashCats was probably the first token on smartBCH or at least one of the first, and has a respected developer (Fuego).

3) It is a meme coin but it is a unique meme coin not a copy of another meme.

4) Had previously partnered for an airdrop of $CATS with Satoshi Angels

5) It has enough liquidity to buy with $1,000 without affecting the price greatly.

6) First token with farms at BenSwap. The farm was relisted lately and offers high yields for Defi farmers!

6) I just love cats! Awful argument, I know, don't count this.

I to select $CATS from all the rest as my top-favorite, but this doesn't mean that I don't like other tokens. It is only very small details that make me select it (perhaps the fact that I love cats!). I still think in the future we will see a lot from at least half of the 33 tokens listed today at MarketCap.Cash.

As I explain it is not correct advice to buy only one token, as an investment, but it is always better to diversify into many of them. Although, with 1K it is better to find two or three. As prices rise we can sell some, perhaps if prices double we can take out the initial investment and leave only the profit, having lowered our risk close to zero.


The Image is downloaded for free from Pixabay

Well, tell me now your choice! You can find the SEP20 tokens listed at You can shill your token bags in my comments section!

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Written by   151
1 month ago
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Thanks for introducing this coin. Before reading your article, my choices would be those Dex coin , Eben, mist and milk. Now , sure will include cashcats 😁😁

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1 month ago

I would also love to opt for the cash cats because of its potential and other are indeed great tokens too. Hahaha.

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1 month ago