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Happy beginning of the week my dear readers.

Today I feel very happy like every Monday because I have the opportunity to enjoy a new week full of colors and accompanied by blessings because the fact of always being able to wake up and have the opportunity to give thanks already becomes a great opportunity.

From my experience I can share that the "good vibes" are generated when we manage to align what we do and find our purpose, this produces a state of general well-being that creates wonderful sensations in human beings. For example, when we smile we can change from one state to another almost immediately, because when we smile we release large amounts of energy which results in reaching a state of tranquility, which is enjoyed.

Vibrating positively, requires cleaning our mind of everything that we can think is doing us wrong, sometimes it is not easy to identify what can cause us harm, but if this causes us more concern than normal, it takes away our sleep, we feel that accelerates our heart and leads to an increase in anxiety levels, then we may be facing a moment of bad energy, and thereby identify what may be causing it, in order to take action.

Perhaps it may be easy to think that achieving a positive vibrating state is easy, or that you always live in that state, but this does not turn out to be the case, we human beings go through various situations in life that change our mood. In some moments we are good, in others, we may be bad, but it will depend on our resolution capacity and willpower, how we will get from a negative state to another that requires changing the vibration into a positive one.

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The good vibes and nature

In this section, I will share a personal experience, when I find myself worried, or overwhelmed by something I turn to nature, being able to walk barefoot on earth produces an incredible state of calm, it is like unloading on the earth any energy that somehow generates any worry.

Also being able to work the land, whether planting a plant or arranging the garden also produces moments of well-being that translates into good energy.

Breathing the sea air, listening to the waves crash, appreciating the beautiful color of the mountains, being able to listen to the song of the birds, and being able to enjoy everything that connects us with nature, can produce a state of well-being that leads us to manage to handle the good vibes.

Waking up with good energy

When we get a good sleep and rest the necessary hours, the body recovers and it is easier to wake up with a good vibe, when we open our eyes and give thanks for the joy, we are generating good vibrations, by listening to music that we also like produces states of well-being and joy, then it is in ourselves to be able to mobilize our internal energy and produce good vibes.


We can all achieve to raise our energy state, we can change our mood and improve our mood, because energy lives within us, it is also necessary to avoid toxic environments such as toxic people that can unbalance our mood.

We can make a difference, it is up to us to live with positive or negative thoughts because we can change our mood and be better since we came to this world to be happy and it is what I must think and believe in order to feel a wonderful vibe. that will shake the whole body and allow you to achieve good vibes

With all my affection


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