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We work overtime but....

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1 week ago

Today I have the opportunity to share my experiences and what I know about my job, namely how we work in the public relations and media relations division.

Yup, I'm not an expert who can guarantee certification for public relations staff. So, I shared the information I used to work with as a public relations staff.

How to Build the Image of the Institution

Wherever we work there is always room for the public relations department. The purpose of this division is to explain about everything that is done by government agencies or companies.

For government agencies, the public relations division is the thinker, worker, and creator of content.

To build the image of the government agency, the public relations division develops programs related to news coverage and publication for the activities of the leaders of government agencies.

This work requires us to record more and process data so that news about the leaders of government agencies can achieve their goals and the public knows what we are doing.

Therefore, to build the image of the institution is the same as building the image of the leader. Because the leadership of government institutions is an object that is valued by the community.

Whatever is done, the community sees what the leaders of government institutions are doing.

Work Before There Are Activities

Planning is the beginning of the work, before an activity is carried out, the public relations staff must have a plan for all activities in government institutions.

All activities of other divisions and activities of the leadership must be in the diary of the public relations staff. Because, we will explain why all information must be in the data bank for the public relations division.

The simple reason for this opinion is that the public relations staff must prepare a speech which will be delivered by the head of the government agency. Public relations staff should prepare drafts of news and press releases after the leader's speech anywhere.

Public relations staff must prepare photos, video recordings and infographics for publication on social media owned by government agencies.

In addition, public relations staff think about what leaders of government agencies should say when leaders are interviewed by journalists.

Thus, the staff working in the public relations division worked more than the available time. We can work from morning to night, that's loyalty as workers.

Faster and More Than Other Media

As staff working in the public relations division, we work like journalists. We have to prepare news scripts, press releases, and cover the activities of the leadership.

After all that activity, we have to publish the complete news on the website. News published must be more than the existing news with a detailed explanation.

The news on the website is news of activities, news that answers questions from the public, news that explains the applicable legal rules, news that confirms something or becomes news clarification. It's all a product of what we do.

If we receive orders to cover activities from other divisions. Or we accept assignments to cover activities from the leadership of government agencies.

However, these activities are not listed in the work plan. So we have to work faster as soon as the leader delivers the speech.

When our leader finishes his speech, at the same time we have to finish the script for the news and take photos then send the manuscript and photos to the publications section for the website and to journalists as another form of press release.

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Written by   278
1 week ago
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That would be a hard job of you sir, it's new to my ears that kind of job and I bet your working for the government. I think experience is required on that kind of job since creating manuscript for publication is not easy, you need to monitor how everything flows and record everything in order to include it on the report. I think there's no easy job at all.

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1 week ago

Sometimes, loyalty means nothing to other sections or divisions

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5 days ago

I am not working yet but I see the dedication you have in your job and I hope you'll make the best out of it.

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1 week ago

Why not, you can form a new club with your friends

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5 days ago