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Bitcoin Cash and Cryptocurrency: Freedom from Financial Problems

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Every day, I pray for the good of every human being on earth. Everyone needs freedom from financial problems. Therefore, the economy is the key to the welfare of a country. Every country that can publish and regulate the economy well.

Thus, every citizen will have a decent life, free education, free access to health except for certain diseases, and safe and comfortable public transportation, as well as public space for recreation.

The problem is that the people who have access to the economy are in coalition with the political elite. Thus, economic policies do not support the good of all citizens.

Policies in the economic field have the aim of increasing the wealth of the rich. It does not support getting the poor to find a way to become more prosperous. At this time, poverty even occurs in developed countries.

When Crypto Was Born and Changed the World Economy

After learning about the economy, power over markets, technology and all forms of trade. Someone you call Satosi Nakamoto started a big change for the world economy. This guy created Bitcoin Core (BTC). At first, Satosi Nakamoto had a good aim. However, many economists and people on the list of the world's richest people reject Satosi Nakamoto's idea.

Until one day, a young man we know as @RogerVer adopted and promoted BTC better than anyone. Roger Ver managed to make everyone open their eyes to analyze BTC and the future of electronic money or digital money. The following days, Roger Ver received an award as a Bitcoin Angel for success in marketing BTC.

Analysts discover new assets after learning about land holdings, gold and diamonds, fiat, stocks and money in cards, trading through apps. Now, the analysis studies crypto by continuously considering the market comparison for fiat and crypto.

The existence of crypto is undeniable, even though there are rich people and governments struggling to control crypto. Until recently, crypto was a living asset that would not die. At least for the next few years.

The crypto proponents are getting stronger. Communities to support crypto are adopting cryptocurrencies in day-to-day trading, including Bitcoin Cash. When everyone questions crypto, a new breed emerges and adds to the noise in the economic sphere.

Not only that, developers for the technology of blockchain created a new kind of crypto. In fact, clubs create their own coins, such as Barcelona, ​​AS Roma, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, and many other clubs with their own crypto.

Social Media That Makes Users Happier

It's not just social media, there are many platforms that have emerged to give crypto to every user. I can't name all those platforms. I will tell some of the platforms I know in this article. Everyone can choose social media or platforms that are more profitable. Some of us, especially me use old social media to promote new social media. I don't care if users on old social media visit the links I share to discover new social media. it's all the choice of the user on any social media.

We will start from a platform for writers to develop a better potential:

Steemit, Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, the creators of BitShares founded Steemit, Inc on July 4, 2016. This platform I know some time ago. You must register and pay attention to each secret key to be able to carry out activities there. There is a key to enter the account, there is a key to open the wallet, there is a key to transfer steem, and there is a key to publishing articles. However, there is a system of steem power that regulates the activity of the user to play and give tips.

Hive, you know that hive is the latest version of steemit. Therefore, you can see all your articles on steemit when you open an account on with the same key from steemit. Here, you receive hives that you can transfer, or convert to other coins, and trade on the market of cryptocurrencies. There are people who say that Hive's future is better than Steem.

Blurt is the same platform as steemit and The difference between the three platforms is digital currency, namely steem, hive, and blurt. There is nothing new besides the issue of different types of cryptocurrencies created for users on the platform.

Before I forget, steem and hive can basically be linked to other platforms. There is PEAK, Leo Finance, Dtube, and many other platforms. They are an ecosystem built to provide choices and increase the potential for users to receive better benefits.

Publish0x is a platform for writers. There is no difference from other platforms. However, Publis0x gives you Ethereum, AMPL, and iFarm. There is a limit for you to tip. In addition, you have received a share of tips for writers and readers. You can see in the previous article. Currently, Publish0x is collaborating with KuKoin for asset transfer and trading for ETH, AMPL, and iFarm.

Thorum, this social media is like, but I don't understand how to maximize the potential of content creators on Torum. I am waiting for an explanation from the writers who have played there. I've registered and don't know if I can be active there.

LBRY is like Dtube and Youtube. Content creators can maximize the ability to create content in the form of videos. Those of you who already have expertise in video editing can use YouTube, Dtube, and LBRY at the same time. If there are professional content creators there. I hope you can write experiences from all three platforms for the video.

The Bitcoin Cash family is still the best

Bitcoin Cash proponents and developers provide faster and better offerings than existing writing platforms. They created and so we can publish articles and receive Bitcoin Cash.

After I wrote on steemit,,, and Publish0x. I can choose that and are the media that are in the first position of all write platforms that provide crypto.

From existing platforms, I can't accept $100 in crypto for one month. It is different from and From the articles I've published, I show information that I received $100 in Bitcoin Cash for my first month on and

I have never received $100 for my first month on any other platform. It's just, I can't maximize in May. At the time, I only had $30 in Bitcoin Cash because I had too many reasons not to be active.

I have hope that and will continue to grow and become the best platform with easy-to-use applications. That way, when I open my phone or notebook, I immediately visit the app for and

If there is no development in that direction, I will still choose and as the best platforms in the world today.


Crypto came to provide the best choice for humans in planning a better future. When every film opens up hope about how the future will turn out. So, Crypto is money as well as an asset that is used by all humans in the future.

At that time, freedom was a mutually agreed order. Freedom is not a rule imposed by the political elite.

Currently, the best platforms in my opinion are and which give Bitcoin Cash to the best writers and retaliators.

While the turkish wallet that caught my attention was Binance. If there is another choice, I choose Publish0x as the third best platform after and I can save ETH, APLN, and iFarm on Publish0x.

A profitable search engine is presearch. Despite the issue of how people do user status upgrades, Presearch has started to give Pre-coins for every internet search.

Besides, I downloaded and run CCTip Box to earn 5 coins every day. Lastly I saved 7G$ from GoodDollar.

I'm ready to be your friend:

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Andrian The Lover

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Written by   172
1 week ago
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Well🥰 It’s good.

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You can write about the crypto you have in your wallet and what your goals are in the crypto world

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As a newbie this article is very much helpful. I registered steemit when someone introduced it here in this flatform but I don't know how to navigate few options especially the keys. Maybe because I am not familiar with it. I also registered publishox but I didn't manage to stay longer. Here in and I grow and learn different things and I guess I would continue. Thanks for sharing 😊

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Publish0x is small, but you have to think about the savings. So let it go. Keep giving 10 tips every day at publish0x.

then, you have to make interesting posts and photos, just 10 content every day on

You can write one article and comment on 20 articles every day on

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