Third Impression

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3 years ago

Please, if you want to be able to understand wtf is happening read the:
First one,
and the Second
before venturing in this, chapter.

.. I did something that it was not like me and engaged in the conversation.

"What type of answer are you looking for?"
"What do you mean"
"That the reasons i tell myself why I went there or what I think now, could be not the real reasons. Not that I'd be lying, but I don't know if I really know why I went there."
"You don't seem that kind of person".. after a brief silence she continued, "I think you either cannot think about that because of - she looked intently - we talking together
- she had an interrogative smile. sometimes it happens to me, being in a bubble; not seeing the point, why to get out to answer questions.
Either that, or
Or you are unsure about.. your reasons saying something that would," _ she had difficulty saying the last couple words,_ surprise me."
There was a small shiver that he felt.
Would he have been one or two years older maybe he would find a way to act on the impulse to comfort her.
He kept silent.

I mean,
"Where do you find such energy," I said
I didn't let her answer, relaxed shoulders I let air out, reached touched on her hand and pulled slightly.
She looked up, she wanted to smile but couldn't.
and so he answered.
"I went in that direction to get away from the sun. The warmth and hot days. I went on bicycle because it's nicer than walking."
She smiled.
Such beautiful smile, so fast so sudden,
that I smiled too.

"I want to know the country, how people are connected how a place and a road leads to the other,
the houses, I want to find a place to live."
"I think I understand that"
"Do you?"
"Well if I'd look for a place to live I'd want to go there, to really go there, not just drive or being driven. You miss quite some things when you drive."
"You sure do."

The awkwardness was all over.

End of the Third Chapter

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3 years ago


I read all of your stories and you are writing so well, eagerly waiting for the end of the story.

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3 years ago

Oh no someone really reading these : O
Thank you, that was quite unexpected.

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3 years ago

Nive article man . Thanks dor sharing. Hav think of this third imoression before until i find this in your article.

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3 years ago