First Impression

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From stories I've heard or read, that are more similar to what I want to tell, most talk about a point in time that changed things.
That gives the story importance and reason of existence.

I was trying to write about something, waiting, as usual for inspiration.
I had ideas, but like falling stars they were fast, bright and efemerous and specially to big to catch.
I had in occasions been writing in some coffee shops, hostel bar while travelling some places.. , but they all would stop suddenly [the stories] and have no connection between them.
I am no writer, so it's more expected to not know how to write than the other way around.

But it was different this time. Not because of planning and structuring a plot, guidelines, a narrative and thinking about characters, neither a magical inspiration.
No .

When I glance over breeding the next line, she takes out her top. Who? I don't know.
I have no clue who she is, but I'm attracted by her taste of music. (that the people around can hear from the cylindrical speakers).
I'm a bit sheepish to look at the scene. Naturally I want to look at her as if I'd figure out what's happening more easily by doing that.
But as if blind by a too bright light my attention falls away on the girl seated ten meters away with boyfriend on a picnic bench.
There's nothing else on my mind. "This is happening."
"..and she's looking at that guy with the pencil." I get the impression to overhear.

There's a twist in the music and the first girl is dancing.
I decide to go and say hi.
Yes. No joke.
ask someone and it seems unbelievable. You'd say "what? no way you are interrupting her dance, her expression." and you'd be right, if she didn't look at me.
I did not ask questions "why is she looking at me" "dancing?"
Although from a retro upbringing, I knew it was time to act.
-- deep inside, her gift, fearless integrity --

Walking to that centre did not take that long.
She also said hi, kind of laughing.
"Why are you saying hi?"
I almost smile. In disbelief. She's even asking questions! She's good.
"Well.." I I look at the grass on the left, "I don't really know."
I imagine some people in the park are looking. A guy with a beer is looking.

Chapter One.

Photo: Maria Remez, from Unsplash

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