Second Impression (short story)

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3 years ago

Continuation of the meeting

She turns her head back to the side.
"People looking at us".
"Ye this is like the epicentre of the dance"
"What dance?" "Ye you're right sorry for interrupting"
"Interrupting what?" "Your dance" "Dance?"
Is she asking me to dance, I think

"You right, you live in the present"
"Come, " she says. The beat is pounding and she starts to jump after grabbing my hand to come closer.
I let her jump, smiling and go grab some water.

The song now changes to classical, she puts a t-shirt (she had the t-shirt on the waist),
and goes to sit.

"Bolero hmm .. ?"
"Hm hmm "
"I don't have much to eat but the bread is good!"
Yes I had bread in a park.
not sandwich but bread. Why, because I had bought it, and sandwiches are expensive or not as good when bought.
I had just arrived from a cycling tour to Latvia that didn't went that well, but I had got good bread and some good cookies.
That happened to be the perfect conversation starter.
"What language is that? Cookies from Lietuvias?"
She was inspecting my things
"Yes I arrived from Latvia"
"What were you doing there?"

End of 2nd Chapter

Stay tuned!

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Let me be sincere am a little lazy to read the previous chapters. I think i would continue with you from this chapter. I will be waiting for the next chapter. Thanks

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You shouldn't! she takes her top out in the first chapter : p and he's writing

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