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Season 1 of Ended. Season 2 begins following IBO Token Fundraiser

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10 months ago
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Congratulations to all Season 1 Gamers

We're happy to announce that Season 1 of has ended. This first season was a fun and exciting one. We saw JOY rewards start at 100 JOY per play. Following the SEP20 SmartBCH Bridge, rewards were lowered to 50 JOY per play, and then further optimized to take into account gameplay performance. During Season 1 we managed to launch 4 games!

  1. Block Breaker - the first game we worked on for devconcash based on a classic arcade game

  2. Colin Candle Sticks - Hop from one candlestick to the other and don't fall

  3. Number Go Up - Tap the Bitcoin Cash rollercoaster guy to keep him airborn

  4. Smart Blaster - A space shooter with multiple weapons and levels

Total games played for Season 1 was over 12,000 unique plays. Our games allowed users all over the world to earn hundreds of thousands of JOY tokens! If you look at the current market rate of $JOY, it's surprising to see that thanks to users playing our games, gamers took home over $20,000 of JOY tokens. Users swapped, sold, held, or helped fund liquidity across Mist and Benswap. For that we are thankful.

Announcing the Leaderboard top spots for our games for Season 1

The top position for each game will win a one time bonus 1000 JOY

Their address is below for anyone who wants to tip them for their hard work!

Smart Blaster Leaderboard Nov 10 2021

Smart Blaster Season 1 Winner:

Serg0213 - 2139000 Points


Block Breaker Leaderboard Nov 10 2021

Block Breaker Season 1 Winner:

RacerPlays - 1122 Points


Number Go Up Leaderboard Nov 10 2021

Number Go Up Season 1 Winner:

John09 - 1007 Points


Colin Candlesticks Leaderboard Nov 10 2021

Colin CandleSticks Season 1 Winner:

Serg0213 - 206 Points


Play to earn on Bitcoin Cash launched in April 2021. This was shortly after our runner-up status at 2020 in September 2020. We spent countless evenings and weekends building a payment network tied to our arcade games. It became apparent that pay to play wasn't enough. There needed to be a way for users to earn something to keep coming back. After spending countless weeks working on it, we managed to get SLP token rewards working for users playing games. This was the launch of Pay to play to earn at

When Season 2?

With Season 1 officially ended. Our games will be temporarily inaccessible while we await for the completion of our JOY Token Sale IBO.

Please read more details and participate in our IBO to support funding on SmartBCH.

All logged game plays during Season 1 with outstanding JOY will be paid out as soon as possible.

During this downtime we will be optimizing and improving our systems. For those who participated in Season 1, you will know that JOY payments weren't always instant. This is due to dependency on 3rd party SLP api endpoints which we rely on to send tokens.

How can you support getting Season 2 to start faster?

  1. Support our IBO and Buy $JOY tokens

  2. Buy $JOY tokens from MistSwap and BenSwap

  3. Promote and help market our IBO and our project on twitter, reddit, telegram,, and more on SmartBCH

Following the completion of our IBO, we will be committing our developer and community resources to supporting JOY on SmartBCH and getting Metamask with smartBCH support into our games. This is a MAJOR rewrite but will have huge impacts for both's future and the future of SmartBCH.

Read more about our Roadmap to learn what's coming up in Season 2

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Written by   49
10 months ago
Topics: Joy, Bitcoin Cash, SmartBCH, Token, BCH, ...
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7 months ago

🏆 Smart Blaster Season 1 Winner SERG0213 won 1000 JOY👏

🏆 Block Breaker Season 1 Winner RacerPlays won 1000 JOY 👏

🏆 Number Go Up Season 1 Winner John09 won 1000 JOY 👏

🏆 Colin CandleSticks Season 1 Winner also goes to Serg0213 won 1000 JOY 👏

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10 months ago