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We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Poolside Puffers NFT's to launch a new game inspired by one of the first NFT projects on SmartBCH. In collaboration with supporting the upcoming resale market of Poolside Puffers on, and to bring NFT collectors to, we created a new game inspired by our favourite collectible fish on SmartBCH.

Poolside Puffers NFT's

Poolside Puffer Pound

In this game, you are hosting a beach party. But those pesky Poolside Puffers keep showing up to drink all of your beer and ruin your party. Pound the Puffers to keep them out of your party, but be careful! Watch out for bombs and sharks, both of which will cost you a life! Each play will give you 5 tries at the game to compete for the top leaderboard position. Each try provides 3 hearts, giving you enough time to get familiar with the game and truly excel and shoot for the maximum JOY token reward.

The game is simple! If you've ever played a whack-a-mole game. Just get ready to hit fish, and be careful. The game gets harder the longer you play.

As we build out smartBCH integration to all of our games, we plan to let users use their NFT's when we can. In this game's case, the idea would be to allow users to include one of their Puffers into the game. Further enhancements like this will come after the initial smartBCH build is released.

2nd Halving Event Begins Now

In our post about the JOY token details, we discussed Halving events. These are events in which the amount of the maximum reward given to players is reduced to reduce the rate of inflation. Due to the impressive growth of players enjoying, we have seen an excessive amount of JOY being paid out.

Early versions of had many "suicide farmers", which were users who chose to die and earn rewards, in lieu of playing. As we optimized our platform to require minimum gameplay and a progressive reward system based on skill, the inflation was slowed down enough. Despite this, with the successful funding of our IBO, user growth has increased, and in turn, so as our JOY tokens.

Current Platform Holdings

At this point, a large majority of the JOY tokens have been bridged to SmartBCH. Less than 1 million JOY tokens exist on SLP, and only a fraction of those are in admin wallets. Most are either in user wallets, or locked in bridge wallets.

Rewards will continue on the SmartBCH version of, but we are still some time away from releasing that version. The JOY (SLP) which is controlled by the admins and able to be used currently for gamer rewards is ~177,000 JOY (SLP). Our system pays out anywhere from 20,000 - 50,000 JOY-SLP per day depending on player activity. As a result, we have at best 1 week of SLP rewards left unless we make drastic changes as admins to the project.

New Maximum and Minimum Rewards Per Play

In order to ensure rewards continue to go out to users while we build SmartBCH integration, and to reduce the rate of inflation further, the maximum reward and minimum reward has been halved.

New Maximum Reward: 25 JOY

New Minimum Reward: 5 JOY

These changes will be applied to all games at launch of Poolside Puffer Pound around Saturday November 13, 2021.

What are the impacts to reducing rewards?

Well for one, it ensures that users will continue to receive rewards while we build out smartBCH integration. If we continue at this pace we will run out of rewards to give. This is why regular halvings were planned when we created this project. This is a natural part of the the economics of our platform.

Another thing to consider - is that if less people receive as many rewards, that could reduce the sell pressure as there will be less SLP bridged to SEP20 to sell on dex's. This could have a positive impact on the price per JOY, but I am unqualified to make any predictions on price of tokens on secondary markets. Please do your own research.

What happens when JOY runs out on SLP?

Since the launch of our SEp20 JOY token, our goal was to migrate all of our JOY (SLP) tokens over to SmartBCH and support the growing sidechain on BCH. We also expect many, if not most, of users to migrate and begin using the SmartBCH version. Though much of this depends on wallets integrating SmartBCH which is out of our control. We are hopeful though that Wallet will support it soon, but we have not received any confirmations.

What has become apparent based on gamer feedback, and based on testing things with our devs. Metamask gaming might be fine on desktop, but their Mobile Wallet App is very slow compared to Wallet. Many users also enjoy having the SLP token.

As a result, prior to running out of JOY-SLP to reward users. We will be minting a new SLP token, so that even if JOY is gone from the SLP network, there will still be a reward to claim for SLP gamers. Looking at the tremendous success of Axie Infinity which has more than one token, we are confident we can build a system which supports gamers on layer1 or smartBCH. We will announce more details related to this secondary SLP token at a later date. Join our Beta Testers community telegram to find out first. Team

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Written by   27
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Topics: SmartBCH, BCH, SLP, Tokens, Games, ...
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