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Dear Book of Secrets,

Heyaaa! Friday morning. Today is a new beginning. I dismissed my blaring alarm and decided to get up. This early in the morning, I opened the curtains and gazed out the window at the raucous and busy city. Perhaps this is the reality of my existence that I must face. A life wasted alone. It's only me now, and I have to put together my mess in order to rebuild myself.

I fluffed the pillow, made the bed, and went to the bathroom to do my business there. After that, I booted on my computer, plugged in my speakers, and started blasting Taylor Swift songs saved in my playlist. I took up the broom and began sweeping the floor while singing at the top of my lungs. I then went to my tiny pantry to look for something to eat. Hmm. Perhaps pancakes with some hotdogs. I mixed everything in a bowl and pan-fried it. I also fried some hotdogs in the same pan to go with my pancakes. I brewed black coffee for my beverage. Delish!

Itadakimasu! I said before devouring my hearty breakfast, and then I checked my emails to see if I had an important appointment or if the companies I applied for had responded to my application and curriculum vitae after I washed the dishes.

Oh, there are four unread emails. The first was from my previous employer, who stated that they had already credited my last pay to my bank account. Hmm. Money. That's great. The last three emails were from other firms setting up interviews. I jot down to my sticky notes the date and time of my interviews so I don't forget and stick it to my laptop.

My first interview is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., it's already 8:30 a.m. so I headed to the bathroom to wash up and put my make-up on. I donned professional attire for my top and a boyleg for the bottom, just like everyone else. Oh, come on, I know you're also guilty. Don't worry, I have my skirt beside me just in case. Lmao.

The first interview goes smoothly. I am capable of completing the task. The work schedule is flexible, which means they are output oriented, and I only have to speak with one person, my boss. But I felt horrible when we talked about remuneration. My new pay is twice lower that my previous one. I haggle with HR, but it is the only offer they can make, so I decline.

My second interview is scheduled at 10:45 a.m. with an IT firm via video call also. The compensation is decent, but the work environment is toxic; they will hire me as a technical support rather than an HR staff member because the position I'm applying for is now unavailable. It's strange for me since I said on my application that I'm looking for an HR position, and they scheduled an interview merely to give me alternative job titles that I'm not familiar with. Of course, I said no.

The third and last one is set for 11:15 a.m. with an IT company as well.  Their Recruitment position that I'm seeking for is open, but they offered me the Payroll in charge position because, based on my curriculum vitae, I have expertise in that field. They offered me a big salary as well as health benefits and incentives. The job is a little demanding, but it is output-based, work-from-home, and in a quiet environment, so I accepted it. They emailed me the contract, which I signed and I can begin working on Monday in flexible time.

My plans seem to be on track, and I am hoping for smooth sailing. I'm hoping there won't be another storm to ruin my ship.



Series Title   :  Dear Book of Secrets
Series Number  :  Diary pp. 3
Sub Title      :  Job Hunting
Published Date :  September 9, 2022
Author         :  alyshestia


I hope I could experience this scenario in real life. If I didn't have any duties in life and money wasn't an issue to support my family's needs, I would do the same. I will also live in a tiny house with my own money. And if I fail, it will be just me, and my family will not suffer as a result of my choices.

But this is the reality. I can't make a decision that will affect my family's financial situation. I can't possibly fail.

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Hoping for the great success of your application.

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Thanks! But that is just a fiction I made. Hehe.

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