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Your Money, your Freedom, Bitcoin Cash

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1 month ago

Have you ever wondered why governments out of nowhere started wanting all in one voice to create centralized digital currencies managed, monitored and issued by central banks?

The answer is quite simple. They can't stand the idea of ​​losing control over their citizens and thereby forcing them to pay fees that they relentlessly and unscrupulously demand.

In the past, and as there was no central entity to control trade, the ancestors exchanged one product [in excess] for another [in shortage] and never needed money because that type of trade was enough for them and for the time, they lived pretty well out of it. But, over the centuries, there was an almost urgent need to create a note of possession of value (money) which justified the existence of some metal in the possession of banks, guaranteeing that the same note had behind a guarantee that it could be either gold or even silver.

Why this little story?

It all boils down here, before man never needt money or institutions that manage their money (banks) but after centuries of history, these two parts are the ones that most control the finances of human beings and completely dominate life of man on earth.

State digital money (CBDCS) is Evil

While at present many governments are committed to developing their own blockchain-based digital money (at least what they say) this type of money has nothing to do with the people living in these countries.

Easy to see this as governments have never truly accepted or will accept cryptocurrencies and are very afraid of losing control over their citizens, these are 'their golden egg hens' and cannot fight these revolutionary assets: If forbid citizens find a way to continue to buy them, if they allow them, fear that their paper money will be little used and citizens will store more decentralized currencies than paper money, causing fees to be drastically reduced or not being paid at all.

So they come up with this new strategy, they create for them a currency that can help not only increase their finances charging their citizens more tax money for use, make sure they know where all the citizen's money is spent or stored and also for what purposes it can be used [controlling the sending of currency abroad and more]. This kind of money makes it possible for this to happen as it leaves fingerprint on the network.

While state paper money could be used in a less controlled way because it can be lifted and used physically, centralized digital money cannot be done and all payments and remittances will be digitally in a fully closed network only controlled by the central bank/government.

As you could see right from the start, citizens soon lose their freedom of choice and only have to use digital money issued by the state, the government increases its control and monitoring power, allowing them to practically steal the freedom that the man struggles so hard to get it.

Best way to fight this evil, Bitcoin Cash decentralized digital money

State money is evil and its main objective is the systematic control, monitoring and manipulation of the citizen.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash works in a totally different way as it values ​​the quality life of men, refers men to their financial privacy and guarantees that all transactions made by it are transparent, low cost and free of storage. The user who wants to use Bitcoin Cash to store their money goes back to times past where man made direct exchanges for the purchase of their products and services, but here in a modern, digital and highly encrypted way.

But, the essence remains the same.

If the ancestors traded with surplus product in requested product or even for what they needed, using Bitcoin Cash the individual can pay for products and services with those who are willing to accept the currency and thereby increase their freedom and guarantee privacy when doing them.

And this is exactly what governments are very afraid of happening, but for those who value their freedom and privacy, this is exactly how they will choose their currency. Bitcoin Cash works for the people and guarantees freedoms that the government will try to steal with the issuance of decentralized digital money, to believe in this we can even take the example of China that recently reiterated its ban on cryptocurrencies in its national territory, very much for cause of the creation of its national digital currency.


The government and its allies will never allow its ordinary citizen to choose to store, use or even send remittances using cryptocurrencies, and for that they will do everything to boycott its evolution. The most visible technique is to create their own national digital currency in order to stop the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

That's why the use of Bitcoin Cash is important in these countries, as the currency has no borders if governments decide to stand up straight, holders may well use their Bitcoin Cash to restart their lives, protect themselves from currency manipulation etc.

Bitcoin Cash was created exactly for that, to increase the degree of freedom to choose the best type of payment that best suits you. Using Bitcoin Cash is witnessing that freedom is here to be enjoyed by men and no state should steal it.

The citizen deserves respect from the state because he is the one who pays taxes and allows the civil service to live, imagine if all citizens on the planet decided not to pay taxes! It would be total chaos, so the man has the right to be respected and also to choose how best it suits him to have his money saved or even used.

Bitcoin Cash exist for that!

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Written by   873
1 month ago
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Among the crypto currencies, BCH is what I prefer the most becauseI of it's transparency and low fee. I just hope that our country would slowly adopt to this.

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1 month ago

BCH is the one and don't expect your country to adopt, expect that merchants in your country adopt it.

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1 month ago

Actually the government wants, to have control on its citizens financially. They don't want to give them freedom to use or save their own money, and wants to extract from us as much as they can.

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1 month ago

Yep they have been doing that for years so they see in crypto a truly threat to their hegemony

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1 month ago

BCH is the best block chain currency I agree with that most of the country are against it's evolution for the purpose of their own currencies but it's most trustable cyrpto

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1 month ago

Crypto is the best thing to bet on and BCH is the best digital cash for the people

$ 0.00
1 month ago