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Promoting Bitcoin Cash in a Hostile Environment

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1 month ago

I don't know what it's like to promote Bitcoin Cash in other parts of the world, but in a country that basically doesn't understand anything about cryptocurrencies there, I do. For those who didn't know I am a native of Mozambique and here this business of 'decentralized digital currencies' is practically not known at all and many people associate it with scams and even the government issued an alert for people to 'stay away from this' because they could lose money and they are not responsible for it causing many people to panic and stay away from them.

Of course, this tendency of the State was to predict and people, as they are malleable, they also listen to this propaganda, the funny thing is that not even the government itself really understands what cryptocurrencies are, to be sure of this reality, they recently appeared in the media saying that they were trying to understand how this world works and whether there is danger to its users when deciding to use them. Pure nonsense, they know in advance that the decentralized world is a threat to their often mandatory tax payment system regardless of whether the payer works or not, the only motto 'you have to pay the tax or else ... '

Opening the view of the people

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were left on the trail and lost their source of income that enabled them to support their families and maintain the balance necessary for their own survival. Many of these people who have lost their livelihood are active young people who make up the majority of the Mozambican people and with no more to resort to, disabled by the disease, began to look en masse for viable forms of subsistence.

At home, without much to do, the consolation is based on surfing the NET and looking for businesses that pay at least enough to buy something to feed their brats and the trend of the moment falls on programs that pay using alternative and direct means and choice falls on cryptocurrencies.

But what are these cryptocurrencies

This question is often asked by young people who see this word for the first time on the web, and as a solution to this they start looking for the definition of this word on the internet, and as, often, understanding is not easy what this simple and unknown word really means.

Finding someone who explains the meaning

While the state fights hard for its citizens to remain 'blind' to keep the tax chain healthy, curious and enterprising people are not fooled and after discovering the term 'cryptocurrencies' they look for someone who really understands what this is and how take advantage of it. The search may be exhausting but as everything here in Africa is based on the largest social network in the world, Facebook, voila, the demand is lower when inside it they find a page created long ago that explains how to buy Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrencies paying via M-pesa.

This page managed and maintained by a gentleman who has long realized that the state never works for the benefit of the people, but on their own, individual named Alberto Dionísio AKA alberdioni8406, and who besides selling is also willing to really explain what they are and how to emancipate themselves using them.

But does everyone understand the true meaning

Well the understanding of an explanation is based on the degree of intelligence of each individual and incredible as it may seem, many understand what Bitcoin is but fail to understand what cryptocurrency is and often associate the two terms as if it is one. I once had a lady who went for months without realizing it, for example that there is a tenuous difference between BTC and Bitcoin Cash because for her everything was the same and they only had 'different logo designs' but all were in the same wallet (due to the wallet that a lot people use it here, whenever she bought they were often lost because she confused the addresses and often ended up losing crypto ending up thinking that it was a scam.

It took many hours burned to explain the difference and today she is one of the most lively enthusiasts and whenever she could also explain to other people what cryptocurrency is.

Promoting Bitcoin Cash

In Africa as in many parts of the world, the first crypto that many people look online is Bitcoin Core (BTC) a lot because of history, being the first decentralized digital asset that was to be expected, but everything changes when they really realize that after all was not quite what was expected. As I said above, many seek cryptocurrencies in order to sustain their lives and be able to enjoy some comfort that it can provide, but with the fundamentals behind BTC this reality changes sharply when they realize that maintaining and using Bitcoin Core (BTC) is much more expensive than selling tomatoes on the street. The fees are absurd and for those who really want to be able to use it to make payments, they realize that they have made a bad choice.

So they decide to look for a currency more favorable to their lifestyle and certainly find Bitcoin Cash being 'their face' of course after having a lesson in wisdom with the brand ambassador, who explains the advantages of using Bitcoin Cash, since it has its fundamentals made so that the vast majority of people can join and use in their daily lives and paying extremely low fees, not to mention that transactions are fast and dynamic for those living under $56 a month.

Bitcoin Cash is an easy choice because daily and continuously, currency promotion is widespread both socially and by word of mouth and its increased use in low-income societies.

It is not easy to convince people in this environment but with efforts they are giving their arm to cheer and adhere to Bitcoin Cash.


The promotion of Bitcoin Cash in places like Mozambique is not easy, mainly because there are still many obstacles for this to happen since the anti-crypto propaganda carried out by the State that tirelessly spreads 'untrue' news about this world, taking many people to think that what they say is true.

But step by step and with the help of the pandemic (which was a great catalyst) because of the 'stay at home' policy many young people started to join an affiliate program to get some value to support their needs and found the support of cryptocurrencies who pay directly without intermediaries, initially looking for Bitcoin Core (BTC) as the most popular of the currencies, but ending up in currencies favorable to use such as Bitcoin Cash. The promotion is gaining ground and soon it will be possible to arrive and see that many young entrepreneurs and credible businesses are accepting the currency here.

It's matter of time before that happens, only slowing down because of restrictions (due to COVID-19) that still affect the society a lot, but in the end will be one which Bitcoin Cash goes viral and its adoption a true reality.

The World needs Bitcoin Cash...

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Written by   679
1 month ago
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how it works uptrend platform i want to earn more bitcoin cash

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1 month ago

Such an inspiring personal experience. I want to see more of this world wide. :)

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1 month ago

Oh that is nice you liked😎 of course more of this u will see when more people get on and start doing that👌

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1 month ago

Brother all have same story. When i was joining this platform and i skipped my instagram. So firstly i wasn't believing it. But later i came to know that is i not fake or joke this is reality. I said to my friend that lets join he was same not believing. But i showed him my earnings and than he was like that please tell me now ! Lol 🤣

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1 month ago

We are also trying to spread Bitcoin cash in every plateform like we use uptrennd and some other site where we earn and spreading news about bitcoin cash

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1 month ago

Well that was good to promote BCH on Uptrennd when it was a good place to, but now i hope more van still so that in other parts like Publish0x where crypto is also highly appreciated

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1 month ago

Your experience sounds pretty similar to what happened in many other countries... keep at it and good luck!

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1 month ago