Meet Leo Beltran, a young man in a journey to turn Buenos Aires a Bitcoin Cash City

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Argentina is one of the most visited countries in Latin America which makes the capital city, Buenos Aires, an attractive place for tourists and locals to find the use they want quickly and make payments even faster, making the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash imperative because so everything can be accessible with just one click on the mobile phone in a decentralized way.

The young man, whom I decided to write about him, entered the crypto world at just 13 years old and, like most of them, started his journey in the Bitcoin Core (BTC) ecosystem and had a goal at the time to make the capital Buenos Aires a totally friendly city in accepting Bitcoin for payments. He challenged conjunctures made during his journey as a currency ambassador and was repeatedly denied his wish by merchants who did not see cryptocurrencies as reliable money to use in their business at the time.

Others even laughed at him, but Leo Beltrán was not intimidated and continued his tour in Buenos Aires with the desire to teach ordinary people and local businesses how to accept and use Bitcoin Cash and, he managed to do so after many battles :-)!

Leo Beltran

He is a young informatic engineering student who very early started his journey through the world of cryptocurrencies, he is a student at the University of Buenos Aires at the time of writing he is 22 years old, making him one of the youngest prominent names in Bitcoin Cash that has I portrayed it in an article on my series prominent figures on Bitcoin Cash space!

His desire, as I mentioned above, was to make the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, a Bitcoin City, but due to its conception and fundamentals, he ended up betting more on Bitcoin Cash because it is digital cash and works for what he always wanted to see in a payment system, a fast, cheap currency to use and great for businesses where merchants can accept payments for their services and products.

During my research it was possible to read an article published two years ago, at the time with only 19 years old, where Leo Beltrán was already dedicating his time to onboarding people and businesses around Buenos Aires to accept Bitcoin Cash as payment. He didn't beg or get tired and made his homemade flyers explaining what a decentralized digital currency that doesn't need government issuance is.

Of course, at the time, many people did not believe what he said or did in favor of the expansion, adoption of Bitcoin Cash, many merchants and ordinary people were afraid to spend their money (as they thought) on something dubious and for free, but little by little they realized that the currency works and, with the Argentine economy the way it was, it was the best choice, because Bitcoin Cash has no inflation and can be used to control this danger that exists in fiat money.

Active participation in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Leo Beltrán is a member of Bitcoin Cash Argentina, a non-profit entity that focuses on maximizing the use and knowledge of Bitcoin Cash throughout the Argentine territory, the organization since its inception has been guided by making merchants onhoard around capital, maximizing the use of Bitcoin Cash as payment, organize meetups so that its dissemination is effective as well as a wide range of activities around Bitcoin Cash in that Latin territory.

He is also part of the Laeconomiap2p Podcast, which is dedicated to spreading the advantages of using Bitcoin Cash as well as betting on it as a store of value and functional means of payment.

There is a caste of young Argentines who are leading the way in maximizing the use of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin Cash in the territory, among them Ian Blas, Fernando Pelliccioni, Christian Blas and Leo Beltrán, all following in the footsteps of figures such as Majamalu who serves as the main inspiration for all of them in the diffusion of Bitcoin Cash in those Latin lands.


Leo Beltrán is a prominent figure in the Bitcoin Cash community, he is still quite young with a lot to offer to the ecosystem, after all, young people are the ones who pass on the legacy of a generation. He is an example for many young people in his country and around the world in promoting Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment where it can be used to buy products that really matter in human life in a fast, dynamic and very affordable way.

I particularly like to see this movement in Argentina as they are changing the Bitcoin Cash directive in the territory and helping people to discover that the currency is the real Bitcoin, the real peer-to-peer electronic cash system where everything can be acquired using the currency without having to pay non-existent charges in payment commissions. Bitcoin Cash works and little by little more people in the world are realizing it!

For example, in Australia, there is already Bitcoin Cash City where everything can be bought using the currency, and, of course, Leo Beltrán and his peers are also on the right path for Buenos Aires to become the first Latin city where everything can be purchased using Bitcoin Cash. Well, there are voluntary initiatives like this one that aim to document and expand the use of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash works and Leo Beltran knows it^_^.

Learn more about Leo and his work on these links:

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Find me or Telegram, it will always be a pleasure to talk to you about Bitcoin Cash and maybe write an article you would like to know more about.

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voy a buscar los vídeos par ver su experiencia en argentina mostrando el mundo del bitcoin cash, un país con inflación donde muchas personas están pensando en mover sus inversiones y activos a otro tipo de monedas par escapar de la inflación de la moneda nacional.

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1 year ago

I am also 20 years old and a student of engineering and I interested in crypto after Blogging here and now I trade on binance but not large scale only small!

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1 year ago

Good to know about that:-)

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