Exclusive Interview with The Bitcoin Cash Podcast Founder and Host: The Story of BCH's Potential

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On this exclusive interview we will talk about the life story that gave rise to what is now The Bitcoin Cash Podcast by the voice of its founder and host, Jeremy. I particularly appreciate The Bitcoin Cash Podcast and have been learning a lot through this means of promoting Bitcoin Cash to the world.

Jeremy is a Bitcoin Cash enthusiast and host of The Bitcoin Cash Podcast, where he discusses topics related to Bitcoin Cash and interviews experts in the space. Jeremy became interested in Bitcoin in 2013 when he learned about the Silk Road shutdown and how it affected Bitcoin's price.

He was heavily involved in the Bitcoin community during the infamous "Blocksize War" and was eventually banned from /r/Bitcoin for advocating for the truth about Bitcoin's potential. After the BTC/BCH split, Jeremy became interested in Bitcoin Cash and eventually started The Bitcoin Cash Podcast in 2021. He hopes to inspire the rise of BCH as a global reserve currency and provides education and motivation to the growing community of Bitcoin Cash adopters.

Jeremy selects podcast topics and guests based on trending news and the guest's expertise in the BCH space. He believes that his podcast sets itself apart by its focus on BCH and by featuring guests that are not known anywhere else in the broader crypto scene.

In today's interview we have the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy, the host of the Bitcoin Cash Podcast who has achieved great success in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Let's dive into Jeremy journey and learn from his experiences!

💬: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in the Bitcoin Cash space?

🎙️: Sure. I got involved in Bitcoin in 2013 when a friend told me that the government had shut down the Silk Road website used to trade drugs and that had crashed the price of Bitcoin. I immediately became interested in Bitcoin because I wasn’t interested in trading drugs online but I was interested in how that could operate financially.

From 2014 - 2016 I was one of the most popular posts on /r/Bitcoin, as an unknown commenter, which gave me an early sense that I really understood Bitcoin in a way that resonated with its advocates. This was during the infamous “Blocksize War” as the community debated whether or not to raise the Bitcoin blocksize and how to deal with rising fees and expanding the technology to more and more adopters.

I was eventually banned by the moderators, as were many, many others, for simply advocating the truth instead of complying with the false takeover narrative that Bitcoin was meant to have only 1MB blocks forever and that high fees would somehow ensure it reached mass adoption.

After Bitcoin split into BTC and BCH, I immediately sold my BTC for BCH because it was clearly the project that I was excited about and which the Bitcoin whitepaper described.  However, the BCH community quickly fell into a mess with the further arguments and fork of BSV - so I lost interest in all the squabbling and became busy with other things in my life. I did keep an eye on what was happening in the BCH community though, but didn’t make any efforts to actively contribute because I wasn’t convinced there was long term potential in the project.

In late 2020 (see question below), I decided to return to the BCH community as an active contributor. For the last two years I have created 71 episodes of the Bitcoin Cash Podcast, two BCH songs, been a guest on other podcasts advocating for BCH, collected a lot of BCH information on bitcoincashpodcast.com and continue working on plans to spread BCH to more of the world.

💬: What inspired you to start BCHpodcast, and what do you hope to achieve with it?

🎙️: I was monitoring BCH quietly for potential during 2017 - 2020 but wasn’t convinced it was going to work out. After the split of BCH / XEC eCash in November 2020, and the start of the crypto bull run which made me reassess a lot of the Ethereum hype and tokens that I hadn’t investigated to that point, I saw that BCH had a unique opportunity to finally deliver on the peer to peer economy that Bitcoin was supposed to create.  I thought very carefully about what I could do to maximise the chance of that mission succeeding, and so in 2021 I started The Bitcoin Cash Podcast.

What I realised was that BCH had passed through a gauntlet that no other cryptocurrency has ever done (or maybe ever will), which was to establish a multi-node ecosystem capable of governance without central control and proven to resist takeover attempts on multiple occasions. The commitment of the community to the idea overrides the influence of presiding software developers. The technological underpinnings which made so many people excited about Bitcoin were still there, and the community had a real chance to act as a united but decentralised movement.

My hope is to inspire/contribute to the rise of BCH as global reserve currency, which I start every episode with.  This is by providing motivation to the BCH community that we’re on the right path, education to the growing community of BCH adopters and signalling to the previous disenfranchised Bitcoiners from the early days that BCH is beginning to thrive and retains the potential and spirit of the coin they used to love before there was so much infighting and chain splits.

Given time and improvement, more and more people are beginning to listen and believe in this story that BCH can and will be the global reserve currency, and as that spreads it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. There will be a tipping point where that BCH narrative spreads into the broader crypto ecosystem and BCH becomes the “hype thing” of the month, and that surge in momentum will topple the dominoes that lead to BCH taking over.

💬: How do you choose the topics and guests for your podcast episodes?

🎙️: I monitor the news closely to see what is a “trending” topic in BCH and in crypto overall each week.  For instance, maybe there is exciting news about CashRain.  As a result, I find a guest that is involved in that (for instance a prominent user of CashRain or a developer that has worked on it, or someone who has been vocally critical of it) so that the theme ties to the guest.

Once those two pieces are in place, it’s fairly easy to fill in the rest of the topics with other trending news or topics the guest would have good insight on.

💬: What do you think sets BCHpodcast apart from other cryptocurrency podcasts out there?

🎙️: The focus on BCH, other previous shows like “Collin It Like It Is” and The “Numpties” big block Bitcoin discussions by Isaac Morehouse are or were inactive at the time when I started my podcast. BCH doesn’t get much discussion on most other “general” crypto podcasts, and certainly nothing in depth or on the cutting edge of the community’s developments. I saw there was a gap in the conversation for hardcore BCH supporters, and that was its initial niche.

Another thing I think sets it apart in the broader crypto scene is the lack of integration with all the other “big influencers”.  I don’t invite on the same people that circulate through all of the other podcasts and the “crypto scene”, I find guests organically from within the BCH community that are not known anywhere else.  This is partly because my podcast is small, so I don’t have the clout to debate or attract attention from those bigger names, but it’s also because the BCH community truly is forging a path in its own direction and so I think the podcast will always stay true to that as much as possible even as it (and BCH) grows.

💬: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the cryptocurrency industry today, and how do you think they can be addressed using Bitcoin Cash Podcast?

🎙️: The biggest challenge is definitely the lack of historical context and lack of focus on P2P cash that lots of people are missing in cryptocurrency or just in the world in general.  The message of cryptocurrency overall has been diverted from an alternative economy, to gambling on weird pump and dump coins.

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast is the solution to the extent I can get people to start listening because it warns them against those scams and returns the focus to a long-lasting, real, reliable, useful alternative economy.

💬: What role do you see Bitcoin Cash (BCH) playing in the future of cryptocurrency?

🎙️: I say it at the start of my show, Bitcoin Cash will be the global reserve currency used by 80-90% of all people (and eventually computers) on the planet every day. This will of course make it the titan of the crypto industry.  Other coins will continue to exist, just as they did while Bitcoin was 95% of the market cap in the past, but they’ll be small or niche experiments rather than the centrepiece of crypto.

💬: What are some of the most interesting or surprising things you've learned from your guests on BCHpodcast?

🎙️: Recently I have been very interested in the response of guests on the show from other cryptocurrencies. Brian Harrington from BTC or Grant from LTC Underground don’t come on the show to argue and to debate, but rather to learn.

So much of the discussion around cryptocurrencies is very tribal, so I would have expected stronger debate and pushback from people heavily invested in other camps, but a combination of good guest selection and the reality of a live podcast creates a more collaborative, educational, non-combative environment than I initially expected. This is something I am looking forward to continuing in the future, and the growth of the show is already beginning to gain attention from other crypto communities.

Another thing that has surprised me is how little many people know about cryptocurrency’s history or what happened with BCH, even if they are very involved in the BCH community.  This is actually very obvious, 99.9% of people are not as obsessed or involved day-to-day in cryptocurrency as I am, but because that’s not my personal viewpoint it caught me off guard.  I think it’s really useful the show can help provide some of that backstory to regular listeners, and I also think it’s great that people can join the BCH community and be excited and contribute WITHOUT needing to take a PhD thesis in cryptocurrency history.

As the community grows, more and more people will be involved for the utility or the momentum of the BCH peer to peer economy. They won’t come here for what happened in the past which from their point of view is irrelevant or a curiosity at best. Some of those people may get really deep on the specifics, but in general they’ll just use BCH to make their lives easier or more fun. It’s a very positive sign that is already a noticeable theme.

💬: How do you see the cryptocurrency space evolving over the next 5-10 years, and what role do you see BCHpodcast playing in that evolution?

🎙️: I think it’s likely there will be large crypto surges with the halving cycle in late 2024/early 2025 and again in late 2028/early 2029. These cycles will probably change somewhat, since other coins will continue to eat away at the BTC lead position and perhaps ETH will become the market leader, but the fundamental nature of boom bust cycles will continue from a financial perspective.

As the market grows, I expect that lower fees and scaling will become more and more relevant. The reason people are losing interest in BTC is not only that they have a poor plan for scaling, but they don’t even have good mechanisms for finding solutions or trying something different.  To this end, I see peer to peer cash beginning to shine through in projects like LTC, XMR, DASH and obviously BCH.

Long lasting communities that keep chipping away on the original mission of crypto will become more attractive as people get sick of the same hype over ICOs or scamcoins or NFTs and wonder if they can actually use real projects in a real economy instead of gambling on FTX as it steals their coins.

I expect continued growth of The BCH Podcast to drive that. Viral information spreads exponentially, so as the show continues to improve and attract listeners and social media clout it will get on the radar of some of the bigger players in crypto (this is already happening to a small degree).

They will start listening to the show, or trying to debate those new points, and that will help the ideas become discussed in other parts of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Slowly but surely this will draw people back to the original source of the ideas on the podcast, and help to change the narrative of the cryptocurrency movement more to its intended purpose of peer to peer cash.

💬: Can you tell us about any upcoming episodes or guests that listeners can look forward to?

🎙️: Sure. I want to bring back Luke Pryor and run another “BCH Meme competition” like we did last year - complete with BCH prizes of course.

I need to find some time to talk to MP Brison to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the sudden shift to TRON in St Maartens.

Usually I myself don’t know the upcoming episodes more than a week or two in advance because as I explained I try and tailor it to the trending topics of the week and in crypto those change all the time.

💬: Finally, what advice do you have for people who are just getting started in the Bitcoin Cash space?

🎙️: Action counts infinitely more than words.  Anyone can have an idea for a grand this-or-that which is going to solve all our problems, but no one cares unless you actually build it and stick with it and improve it.  People will respond if you have a real thing they can try or test, but if you just have theories and “ideas” then no one cares.

Also, have a thick skin. It’s important to understand that the BCH community is very open, but very opinionated. It has learnt a lot of lessons through harsh experience, and they will bring that knowledge to discussion of what you’re doing. Ultimately, the proof of whether or not you are right comes down to the success (and longevity) of your product - and doubters will be either silenced or vindicated on that.

So listen to the feedback and criticism, but don’t let it stop you. Don’t argue or fight on Reddit or Telegram - keep taking action on your idea and serving your end users.  If you start making money and grow a successful product, then that speaks for itself and Reddit trolls or their opinions are irrelevant.

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