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Bitcoin Cash awareness in Africa [images/graphics: BCH accepted here]

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6 months ago

I love to share awareness about Bitcoin Cash with my community, neither in my country or spread it with another ones all across the continent and due to that I also love to design some images (not professional just a hobby) but I believe that visuals give a lot more visibility to an project than just words, people love images and images say a lot about anything you try to promote or sell. It's proved that people look more to images in an article more than words and together that capture the curiosity of anyone who wanna be part of something productive, so in this spirit and with the incentive of @JonathanSilverblood I decided to pick some ideas of building some images that can help the Bitcoin Cash awareness all over the continent (Africa).

A knock for an idea😋...Bitcoin Cash deserve it and Africa will be leading by example

I will be starting with the Austral-Africa with countries like:

  • South Africa

  • Swaziland

  • Zimbabwe

  • Botswana

  • Angola

  • Zâmbia

  • Malawi

  • Tanzânia and of course my beloved Mozambique.

I will be using this article as the first one as I plan to share images for all over the continent, and I hope each one of them can use them to start sharing awareness in their country about Bitcoin Cash, the revolution is here and everyone is invited to join this. We are building to a better future of digital money and every hand is crucial to make this happen, let's do this and we won't regret to spend some productive time doing something greater to the Bitcoin Cash community. I hope you enjoy the first badge of the images, when I got more time I will create more and the community and Bitcoin Cash will win from this!

Let's start showing the images:

I tried to also put some images into native dialect with is more benefit to the local communities in certain countries like Tanzania, Swaziland (I opted for iSizulu in here) but to note that iSizulu is a native and one of the official language of Republic of South, which combine Afrikaans, English and more state languages, the native dialect extends to Swaziland some parts of Mozambique and Botswana being one of the most popular and important languages spoken in the Southern African continent.

Not to mention that South Africa in joint with Nigeria (who will come in the next round of images) are the biggest markets for Bitcoin Cash in Africa, South Africa has even ATMS dedicated to the currency in Nelspruit, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, we can't talk about cryptocurrencies and forget this two giants.

Bitcoin Cash was built to the people and by the people, building take time, we have to build and wait for the returns....

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Written by   792
6 months ago
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Great artical❤

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