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Adoption, Merchants and Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) still have a long way to go, it's practically new in the market but with large potential upfront, it's the widely and most popular known of the Bitcoin (BTC) forks on the market, with only three years it's already conquering hearts and souls all across the globe. Many people in different locations are using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to pay for goods and services without need to interfere with the local currency, different from other currencies like dollar or pounds that need to be a legal tender to operate in those territories, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be used to acquire things as long people are willing to accept it in a decentralized manner with all process happening in the internet, stored on the blockchain, with a monetary value to the involved parts being transferred only using satoshis (the unit of Bitcoin Cash) being measured by the value of the US dollar for each transaction executed.

To adopt Bitcoin Cash (BCH) it's needed much efforts to spread the currency across the world, making people to understand what is, how can be used, what advantages have and why they need to embrace in order to adopt as currency. People have different ideological ways of thinking, with some being favorable to learn and adopt new forms of payment, that also can help to save money in the process, others are more skeptical preferring to stick with what is already established, those are the ones who hold on fiat currencies.

It's crucial that the part who understand and is willing to adopt Bitcoin Cash (BCH) get in mind that the currency is an internet asset, they won't ever "grab" it on their hands, to store value they need to have cryptographic wallets who will give access to their funds which possibility to store, receive or send value. Also they need to understand, and this is important, that Bitcoin Cash is decentralized, means that no government interference can affect the hability to move funds around or exchange value containing on the wallet ever! To use the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to pay for goods and services it will be needed Merchants who accept the currency on their business.

Merchant are considered companies or individuals who sells goods and services in order to get profit, and have the duty to care for the customer or resuming, merchant is anyone who is involved in a business or trade.

Merchants have been around since the beginning of the times, when people was still dealing with trade of porcelain, gold or ivory with the African tribes, they can accept any kind of currency as long they are willing to try and of course have value for them! It's notorious that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have value and in the internet era is highly appreciated, with lower fees and fast transactions, the currency have been gaining more supporters across the planet.

It could be a mistake for Merchants to not accept it, but despite merchants being "business persons" it's needed to make them understand the value behind holding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and accept it on their business, with that, they could be an important part on the massive use of Bitcoin Cash in the world. When people discover that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be used in that preferred restaurant, that car center, in the remittance service near home, to pay for a coffee, to pay even for electric bill on the store in the street or even pay for a plane ticket to make some tourism, all of that quick with no government "nose" surely the adoption in the world could be starting to see bright future!

It's also important to understand that no adoption will be effective if there's no merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to pay for the real world needs, I am glad to see and follow that day after day more people are accepting to join the race also merchants looking for a better store of value are strongly accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on their businesses. Of course there's still a lot to do, but Bitcoin Cash is on the right track to onboard more people to join the community with that increasing exponentially the visibility of the project causing more acceptance all over the world.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was made to the people by the people!

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Written by   532
1 month ago
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