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Shiki - The Surveillance of Human Nasty Being

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4 months ago

Shiki anime is one of my favorite anime. The reasons are all kinds of relationships, love, dedication, even horror fights. A polar bear named Natsuno is the main character in this anime. So if you haven't seen this anime then there is no fear. I am here and I will explain to you all why this anime is my favorite. So the topics I will discuss today are -

Overview storyline, love for a friend even after death, aversion to a girlfriend who dies in a fall, whether all kinds of animals in this society have the right to survive and whether humans are better or worse than the same vampire.

Overview storyline -

The body was suddenly found in a small, simple village, but it was not a problem. The body was later found to have died from eating vampire's blood. A little girl Megumi was also a resident of this village but no one in the village could see her. Suddenly the girl goes missing one day and cannot be found after searching all day and all night. Then about two days later his body was found in a forest. But he was still alive. He was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with anemia.

Anemia is seen in people with anemia.

But the girl died a few hours after the anemia. While unraveling the mystery, it is later found that there is a castle near their village where vampires live. The vampire later killed the girl by eating her blood. The girl is resurrected after her death, because the only way to kill the members is to burn them in the sun or in a fire, or to destroy their heart. Later, the locals realized this and started searching for all kinds of accommodation during the day.

That was the story, but if you want to get the real fun, you have to watch anime. Personally I would give seven and a half out of 10 I think the story could have been better.

Love a friend after death -

Yukki Natsuno, the main character in this anime, is also attacked by vampires and dies at one point. I like the anime in which the main character dies a lot more than before. Because there are very few anime where the main character dies. There is a vampire named Tatsuno. The vampire kills the main character Yukki Ray by sucking his blood. When his friend came to eat his blood, he did not want to eat his blood.

Tatsuno, Yukki Ray had no choice but to eat blood because his parents would have been killed if he had not eaten blood. The love for the family has blossomed in such a way that it really seemed unimaginable to me. Megumi Ray couldn't find everyone then her parents had to sigh.

As the saying goes, "Children's love for their parents never diminishes."

There may be different kinds of curses in the depths of the mind. But the love of blood for blood never diminishes. On the other hand, the doctor was seen attacking his wife. Eventually the doctor's wife turned into a vampire, but the doctor could have saved his wife if he had wanted to. But he doesn't do that, instead he examines his wife to see how the vampires die.

Girlfriend dead because of ignore -

Not everyone on earth is perfect, but hating them is tantamount to disobeying God. Megumi was the girlfriend of our main character Yukki. Megumi is later killed by members but the main character Yukki has no regrets. Really, in this anime, it is better to show some dark relationships that are not usually shown. But how reasonable is it for you to ignore a girlfriend who loves like crazy?

Can vampires and humans live together?

At one point, Anime was seen saying that vampires were better than humans. Because they don't kill other people, they live on their own without eating the little ones. The only fault of vampires is that they need blood to run their lives. So one time they say they can't live like humans. This world is for residing every living things. In Shiki anime, when the residents of the area were looking for and killing the vampires, I felt very bad about it. Because if they could come up with a solution, maybe such a murder would not have happened.


In this anime they show that vampires are better than humans. They kill people or cattle only for blood. I think it highlights the reality of vampires' own lives. We humans are the only problem we can't keep up with. If I could, I would be able to live happily ever after in the world, not just vampires but many other species. Some of the moral aspects of this anime are-

- There is no animal worse than man

- They have not yet learned to live together on this earth

- It has been shown that neglecting someone leads to death

So start watching Shiki anime from today without any delay.


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Written by   167
4 months ago
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Hmm I am not fond of anime but you do great thing in explaining every detail of it.

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4 months ago

Arigatou Gujaimas.. I was just tried to explain everything so easily

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4 months ago

What is arigato? is that means thank you?

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4 months ago

Yeah it means thank you

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4 months ago