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Nice to Meet You: I'm ahmadmanga

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1 year ago
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Hi everyone!

I'm Ahmad Al-hemmaly known on the internet as @ahmadmanga. I used to draw and write stories. I'll publish some of them here if you like to see them. I'm a Gamer as well, and love to analyze the entertainment I consume and cryptocurrency helped me focus on that.

These days I write blog posts about whatever I find interesting and worth talking about. My articles are usually First Impressions or Full Reviews for Games and Anime. Articles exploring my thoughts about a certain section/moment in one of them. Or a cool information or a product I came across in my life.

One of my artworks

My main platform for blogging is HIVE blockchain. I used to write on STEEM but most of my readers moved to HIVE after some unfortunate events in early 2020. I loved the idea of a decentralized censorship-resistant blogging platform, and the ability to earn rewards helped to motivate me to write more.

It's been a while since I published a new short story or art piece, but I'm currently minting my old art pieces as NFT on NFTShowroom and Rarible.

It's through d.Buzz, (one of HIVE's multiple interfaces,) that I heard about this platform.

I have read some articles here, to familiarize myself with the platform before writing my first set of blog articles. I've been on a website that uses Bitcoin Cash for rewards before but I don't know what happened to that website. (It was called Yours.)

I love Bitcoin Cash as a cryptocurrency for the same reason I loved STEEM/HIVE: Low fees! The administration system of seems to be more concerned about preserving quality content and reducing spam compared to blogging platforms on the blockchain which are better suited to the freedom of speech. (Hive and STEEM do a good job fighting spam and scam though, which amazes me and gives me hope.)

I'll keep my first impressions to myself for now. I'll just say that the Sponsorship system is an amazing idea! But I want to read, interact and explore this platform more, and hopefully see how my articles fare here before I declare my opinion of as whole.

Let's BUIDL a better future!

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Written by   100
1 year ago
Topics: Blog, Blogging, Blockchain, Hive, Altcoins, ...
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Hello @ahmadmanga welcome to the platform, 🎉

I just happened to click on your introductory article while browsing the ART topic tag, 😆 i see you happen to like japanese content and also stories, to be honest i also like most asian stories, korean, japanese, and chinese manga/manhwa. 😆

doesn't matter if its comic/novel/animation if the story is good people could convince me to watch it haha.

(also, no matter what I'm watching be it JP🇯🇵/KR🇰🇷/CN🇨🇳 - or russian, malay, thai, or whatever i prefer SUBS)😆

well if you boil it down, that means I'm a story eater just like in my profile description 😅🍗

i see you're already used to blogging, since you started out on steem, but now people are on hive...

how long have you been doing this? as for me i have just started out recently and💸 is the first platform i've used... oh also do you mind taking a look at my first article here? thanks 😀

🐣 The Sunbird That Pushed Me off a Cliff ⛰️

i inevitably like art too cuz animu=art

so i like stories, art, games and more. pleased to meet you👋

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1 year ago