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Weekend trip to Prague

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7 months ago

In this article, I would like to tell you about a trip on which we went last weekend. I promised this article to you a while ago but I was really busy working on my university projects or busy procrastinating. 😂

I think it must be the rainy weather and also because it´s getting dark so soon now - it´s already dark at 5 pm here. 😥 I hate it. I get fewer things done in a day.

When, where, why and with whom

The trip was really short and simple (no crazy things) - just one Saturday night in a hotel and one dinner, but we had so much fun anyway.

We went to Prague - the capital and the largest city in our country (Czech Republic). The city is nicknamed "The City of a Hundred Spires" (or Towers) because of its appearance. I like the city but I would not like to live there. There´s too much rush, too much noise (not in a good way like on 🤣) many tourists and things are so expensive here! In no way I would like to live in a place like that.

I took this picture on a way back home. Towers hehe!

You may ask what was the purpose of the trip and I will tell you. The purpose was just to have fun 😄 and to relax for one day.

I went on the trip with my boyfriend and his family - to be exact with his parents, his grandma and his cousin who was there with his girlfriend - so there were 7 of us. This kind of trip is a tradition that runs in their family and I´m so glad that I had a chance to be part of it this year.

Hotel Corinthia and our hotel room

The hotel entrance. The doors were still spinning :D

We were staying in a hotel named Corinthia.

I was impressed by the hotel right from the moment I saw it - the hotel is really large, high (so many floors 😅) and luxurious-looking.

Everything from the hotel entrance, the lobby with pretty lights, flowers and the large glass chandelier to the hotel rooms screams a 5★ hotel.

I couldn´t take my eyes away from this hotel lobby!

I´m not used to this at all you guys!

I´m poor and mundane, not a celebrity haha. I´ve never been to a hotel like this one in my life because (of course) I can´t afford it. 😅 Have you been to a hotel like this before?

The interiors of the hotel are amazing - they needed a fine designer and architect for that. I love it.

Our hotel room. I really like the lighting.

Someone could complain that the hotel rooms are too small (I read some reviews on Google maps), but it´s just right in my opinion.

I have no idea what other people are used to in their life but I would not call the room small in any way. 😅 It´s bigger than our bedroom at home, omg.

People complain about everything these days...

Right, it is a 5-star hotel, but it´s supposed to be a hotel room not a whole apartment with 5 kilometres of space.

The room was well equipped. There was a kettle, basic tableware and also a mini-fridge to keep your food in. There was a hairdryer in the bathroom, bathrobe and many towels (like nine towels - why so many? 🤣). We were mostly interested in the mini-bar though. It was full of all kinds of drinks (alcoholic but also non-alcoholic).

What more do you need for one night, right?

We waited for almost 2 hours

There faced some problems while registering at the hotel reception. We had a reservation, but you need to be vaccinated or to have a negative covid-19 test to stay at the hotel.

The problem was that my boyfriend´s parents are sometimes really stubborn and they were like "we won´t need the tests" and so they didn´t bring them with us. 😅 The men at the reception proved them wrong and we needed to get the expensive tests from a local pharmacy and get ourselves tested. Luckily we were all tested negative but it all took so long - the talking, the hotel documents, the tests - we spend almost 2 hours at the reception.

More like a limousine

After we finally got to our hotel rooms and settled in, we could go eat! I was so hungry already haha.

We could go to the restaurant by bus or tram but my boyfriend´s grandma is really old and she can´t walk such long distances, so my boyfriend´s dad ordered a taxi to get us there.

Don´t forget that there were 7 people, so the taxi was more like a limousine (with 3 rows of seats). 🤣 So cool! And it also smelled nice inside hihi.

Dinner and drinks

I was so happy that we also had fries (which were delicious! 😋) with the ordered meat because I´m not really a meat-person.

The thing is that I don´t mind meat but I don´t need to have it all the time. So I left others to eat the meat and I only ate my fries with some vegetable salad. 😊 The portion was enough for me anyway.

Traditional Czech dessert - strudel (puff pastry filled with apples).

We had so much fun at the dinner. Everyone was telling stories so we were laughing the whole time. It was amazing and we made nice memories that night. 💖

After we finished the food we ordered some drinks. Boys had a beer and later vodka and girls had some cocktails. I got myself a rum named Legendario because it´s the most delicious rum I´ve ever had and I also love the name. 😂

Before we left we also had a dessert. I don´t know if you are familiar with a strudel but that´s what we had. It´s basically a puff pastry filled with cooked apples. It tastes like apples and cinnamon and it´s really good.

The morning after

Although I slept well in the big and comfy bed, the morning was not so good. I was not sick to spend all morning at the toilet but I was sick enough to not eat anything for breakfast. 😆 That was sad! I only had 1 glass of orange juice while everyone else was having a royal breakfast - eggs, bacon, all kinds of pastry and fruit and vegetables, coffee, hot chocolate and everything you can wish for in a breakfast buffet.

The reason for this situation was that after the dinner yesterday we added some Jack Daniel´s into the alcohol mix and although I had just very little of it (like 2 sips), my stomach is never good with mixing.

The thing was that the tiny bottles of Jack Daniel´s from the mini-bar are so cute! Just look at it yourself:

So small (just 5dl) and so cute... We needed to take all of them and also taste them. 😂 I think they will look so stylish on a shelf as a decoration.

I don´t ever recommend you taking anything from the hotel´s mini-bar though! It´s like 5x more expensive than normal. Just bring drinks from home or from a mall - your wallet will thank you later. 😃

Hotel selfies

As you probably noticed, while being at the hotel I took a lot of pictures, including selfies.

I´m not a selfie person. In fact, I hate to be photographed, but the natural lighting in the room and the mirrors were really nice so I snapped a few shots of myself as well.

I´m really proud of the pictures. I don´t know why exactly but I like myself on them - and that´s a rare thing to happen. It makes me more confident now. 😅 And I need that!

I´m just incredibly glad about this trip. I will keep the memory of it in my mind forever. 🥰

Thank you so much for reading!

How many times have YOU been to a hotel? Where did YOU go on your most recent trip?

Take care. 💗

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Written by   53
7 months ago
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Looks like you had a really great time on your first time. It's feels soo good to be treated as part of the family. 😊

Mostly whenever we go for out of town We usually stay at condo. It's much cheaper. But I had 5 star experience once, the difference with other low stars hotel are just the size of the room and the bathroom. I only got to enjoy the buffet breakfast. I still prefer the condo as our accomodation.

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7 months ago

Yeah. I noticed the difference is either the size or how luxurious the equipment and the furniture is looking. It makes sense but I could do with 1 star hotel just fine without complaining 😃

$ 0.00
7 months ago

your trip is fun even though the place is not used to the conditions that are often found every day, but the moments you meet may become a story that will become a memory, you are beautiful and interesting. Greetings friends.

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7 months ago

I'm glad you had fun! The hotel looks really nice! Yeah, people complain all the time haha! 😊

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7 months ago