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The D before the Evil (D-EVIL)

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May the blessings of Allah be upon the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Bismillahi Rahman Raheem.

Seeing a letter "D" could instigate different kind of words starting with letter D into our minds. But there's one which we have overlooked it's negativity and is been taken as a norm in our community.

Shaitan the interdicted also known as Iblis, the Demon now who has taken the act of evil up, whom we now refer to in English language as the D-evil (demon of evil or Dajjal).

Almighy Allah had blessed Iblis but due to pride he lost his position as a senior angel and was degraded below man. Today Man fears the devil, so live for the devil while some others worship the devil.

Today Iblis controls jinns also now as evil spirits and together they carry out their menace with aim of leading humanity astray.

True believers of Allah and True followers of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and other Noble Prophets (A.S.W) i.e Muslims l, have been given rights over these set of unpredictable evil advocates.

We are blessed with invocation from the Holy Qur'an and also invocations from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Examples;

Bismillahi Rahman Raheem- Prayer to be said before beginning any activity.

1. Bismillahi Tawakalitu hallalhi La'hawla walakuwata Illa bihlahi- prayer to be said before setting out on a journey for a safe journey in sha Allah.

2. A'uthu bi'ithathi lahi wakudratihi min Shari ma ajidhu wahuhadiru- prayer to be said when feeling uneasy.

3. And even more from the Holy Qur'an including Rabannas e.g Robbana attina fiduniya asanatan wafil ahkirati asanatan wakina ahsabannar. And many more from the Qur'an.

4. Especially- A'uthu bi lahi mina shaitani rajim

May Allah make staying on his path easy for us. Amin


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though I am not a muslim by religion but I share the same thoughts about the devil, he has come to destroy the word by leading us humans astray

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, it really going to help our muslim brothers and sisters.

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2 years ago