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Qualities of Solat

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As-salam alaikum waramotullahi Wabarakatu, today I'll like to share some significance of Solat.

The Obligatory prayer "SOLAT" is a blessing upon us and it's recorded that the Five Obligatory Prayers were made in the night of the Prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H) ascension to heaven.

It is also in record that the actual numbers of prayers were 50(fifty) but by Allah's Mercy it was reduced to 5(five) after the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was convinced by the Prophet Musa (A.S.W) that 50 was too much for humans. And alhamdullilah it was reduced to 5.

Below is the table of Rakah for Solat!

Requirements for Performing SOLAT

  1. One should be in a state of cleanliness (or perform Ghusl)

  2. One needs to be dressed well. Covering all parts of your body necessary to be covered.

  3. Wuduh: Also know as ablution(purification), one should renew ablution before every solat.

  4. Another requirement is to face the Qibla. This is a form of unison for all Muslim.

  5. Qiyam- standing to pray, staying clear away from distractions.

  6. Followed by - Niyat and the components of solat( Takbiratul Ihran (Allahu Akbar), Duration Fatima, Rukhu, Sajda, Last Tahyyat and Salutations to the right and left side).

The Qualities of Solat Include;

  1. Helps ensure the remembrance of Allah in the right way.

  2. Reminds us of the judgement day (Yawma'l Kiyama)

  3. It purifies our heart from sin

  4. Helps improve our character

  5. Makes our day fruitful, fulfilled and blessed

  6. Helps increase our hygiene

I'll share a quick story below,

Story 1:

Story 2:

From history, we see that prayer is a determining factor to winning in this Dunya(Earth).

I've come to the end of this article may Allah make performing Solat easy for us. Amin

Please note: There is no escape for solat.

Key Words: Peace be upon him(P.B.U.H), Ahleyhi Salatu Wasalam (A.S.W)

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2 years ago

Mashallah bro your articles are very inspirational. May Allah grant us the will and power to obey him in all ups and downs

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2 years ago

Amin. Jazakallahu khairan

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2 years ago

Nice article. Thank you so much for writing a very effective and mind blowing article. Keep it up. I also liked your article. Solat is really blessing upon us.

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2 years ago

Thank You. Jaza khalahu khairan

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2 years ago

just wonderful. I am really impressed to thus articles.... thank you for a awesome articles share

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