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My Tributes to MarcDeMesel Through BCH Vet Clinic with Motto Free treatment is right of Pet Part 2

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1 year ago

I was very much busy in my Project for training and Public awareness. I am very happy and satisfied with public response. I am humble and very thankful to BCHClub and @Read.Cash who helped me a lot in every aspect.I already Publish about my project you can read it My Tribute to MarcDeMesel through BCH Vet Clinic With Motto free treatment is right of each animal.I am going to publish its weekly report and Public response you will like and get following information that I bet make you more passionate about BCH.

  • How you can promote your project?

  • Why you need training for your project?

  • How you should invite people onboard?

  • Is onboard meeting can be helpful for your project?

  • Problems and solutions for buying BCH for online Payment.

  • My Dreams about BCH.

How You can promote Your Project?

I started my project one week ago. I give you hints How BCH can involve in promoting your project and How you should give public awareness to the people?.First of all I believe on your Money on your bank. I give this concept to the people. People like my concept but they Asked me the Question How is it possible?. I introduced them BCH that is really fulfill my concept of Your money in your Bank.

Second thing you need a platform where you can execute the practical use of your project. Here I emphasized on your professional skills. I am vet and I introduced BCH into my clinic and launch the project of BCH Vet Clinic. No doubt in initial phase you face many hurdles specially people don't know about it. But it is good when your project is genuine and people accept it by your sincerity. After introducing BCH concept into your progressional life. People are divided into two groups.

  • People who are educated who can understand your talk easily.

  • People who are uneducated who need training and onboard meetings and discussion.

I shall give every reader a hint you should target the educated group of people. As you should increase the strength of minds that easily accepts your project. And then they are the pillars in promoting your projects in non-educated people. Same I am performing for my project. I and my Team attended 140 cases in this week. But unfortunately I was able to attract 6 cases who paid through QR code. The reason behind this they all were educated. I mentioned the problems why all were not able to get benefit of my project with 50% concessions at the end. Here I shall say pick more educated group of people and promote more your project by their mind usage.

Why You need training and traveling for your project?

It is simple, more you get skills for your project more you can attract people in the circle of your project. That is why in this week I traveled from Lahore to Pattoki and from Pattoki to Rahim Yar Khan. I attended two meetings.

  • Meeting In Rahim Yar Khan for Onboard invitation to vet doctors for my project progress. I traveled 1000+ Km for two days traveling by train. I was successful as they accept my project and promised to promote the is on their clinic as well.

When you want your project would lead the world you have to sacrifice everything even your time. Same happen with me. As I am hopeful for the promotion of my project I traveled by Railway towards every good plate form where I can promote this project. You should get benefit from the experience of Leaders it costs not much. Same happen with me. I invited many minds of vets and they accepted it. If you not get training and go for traveling for your project you can't exceed in your project.

How You should Invite People for Onboard meeting?

It needs a little investment. It need a distance journey. If your BCH fan,love to this Crypto and want to be Millionaire in near future you have to sacrifice things, you have to sacrifice your time and you have to sacrifice you assets. Then people accept it, give love to your project and come in your circle. I think you should need to find your likely minds people. I am vet so I invited my friends that were vet absolutely with two farmers of my region who were attentive and know how to use mobile through QR code. As it does not need any special degree. As already I mentioned above I traveled 1000+ KM distance for my project And invited 6 vets for my project by arranging a lunch party. Fortunately 5 visit to my clinic this day and we set a side to discuss all. Here I want to give you a little bit introduction about my onboard meeting you will get maximum learning for your project.

Is Onboard Meeting is helpful for promoting your project?

I shall answer to this Question ,"Absolutely Yes".Why my response is positive for this question. I give you minutes of meeting and details about it here. You must listen the words of doctors who were on board with me.


Five team of Doctors from Rahim Yar Khan Today Visit my Clinic to know about my project and discussed how I launch this project?. Here I shall want to introduce them here.

  • Dr-Touseef Noor

  • Dr-Nasir

  • Dr-Shohbaz

  • Dr-Ismail

  • Dr-Arslan

First of all, I shall thank you to all for your warmly visit to my clinic. I appreciate to all of you and very best of luck if you work on my project. After lunch we set on a table for Coca-Cola drink and question and answering session.Here are the main questions asked by Doctor team.

Dr-Touseef Noor: Dear Doctor can you guide us about your BCH Vet Clinic?

Me:Sure doctor. I believe on freedom of money and don't want people pay a lot of non-sens Taxes just for their daily needs and even for their animals needs. I am user of Bitcoin cash for about 6 months. I entered in BCH through platform. Then after 5 months I joined read cash where I get a great learning from experts. I find BCH real Crypto and it is absolutely money for everyone. I impressed from BCH every feature and the way it is helping of the people. That was big reason I named my clinic as BCH Vet Clinic And I believe it will lead the whole world with motto free treatment is right of each animal.

Dr-Touseef: I agreed. You have a great mindset bro. Best of luck.


Dr-Arslan:Bro, Do you know BCH is illegal in our Country? Are you not ignoring this?

Me:I know. But I can't leave my country and my people on govt Willings and cruelty. Our Govt stressed people by piles of Charges and Taxes. Many people can't pay taxes and are dying of hunger pangs. This is condition in every country. Then we are vet. Although we are not God but we have and can feel the pain of animals as well. It would unfair if we not guide and educate people about real Crypto and its benefits. After educating people, they can easily can take their rights from anyone. Just we need to train and educate them.

Dr-Arslan:Thank you bro. You are right. Govt make legit and legal BCH and other Crypto that can make freedom of Monet easy.

After Arsaln,

Dr-Nasir: Do you not think it need a great investment and can be tough for you?

Me:Nope, it is not tough of course. When your know each ABC of this Crypto. You love it. As I mentioned you in RYK and invited you. You accept it with curiosity and visit my clinic. Do you not think it is victory for my project?.

Dr-Nasir:Sure it is great triumph.

Me:Yeah! Then believe me it not need any investment. Just you need a wallet on which you have all control. I give you all detail about it at the need how you can great your wallet and its usage.

(We take glass of Cock drink, and again started the proceeding.)

Dr-Ismail: Are you know any person who has success story with BCH?

Me: Yes! I know. Sir Marc is the person who I know is successful person in winning hearts of millions of people. He is full sincere with BCH and donating a lot for Noise Cash and For Read cash user. I can share with you his twitter link Twitter With MarcDeMesel. He has successful story with BCH if I am not wrong.

Then, I take a deep breath as their was too much temperature about 42°c.

Dr-Shohbaz: I have last Question for you. Can you make your circle broad If we want to take participation in your project?

Me:Wao, that are great words for me. Certainly you can and I shall say your part of my project. Just launch this in your regions and I am here to help you in every aspect.

End of meeting with great expectations and with brilliant news for me as they all showed their interest for my project. Have a selfie with all doctors.

Problems and Solutions in purchasing BCH:

When I launched my project I faced unpredictable questions of people. They have no easy access to BCH rather than it you are giving 50% off on your clinic pharmacy and on your consultancy fee. Their query was valid.I know for uneducated people it was big issue and risky because many Scammers and spammers are roaming every where to scratch your money. For this problem I shared an example of a farmer who just know about QR code and its usage. You can see how easily played my fee through BCH QR code. He was poor and his donkey was in sever condition. After check up I suspected blood parasite because its urine had blood and it has tick history. He was weeping and I can feel his pain. He has little money and asked me to help. I helped him by my project. I just installed wallet in his mobile and shared my 1.5$ in his wallet. It was just to help him so that he easily pay my fee with 50% concession and I made a video about it for model for others. Here I shared my treatment and his case and you can easily asses after right treatment its prompt response.

Video How you can use QR Code after Installing wallet?


It doesn't matter from where are you?. I give you step by step guideline how you get rid of this problem and can use BCH in effective way. Just follow my step by step guideline if you are interest to invest in BCH and want to buy BCH.

  • Install Bitcoin com.wallet and sign up.

  • You should visit you nearest Bank for making registered yourself for an international bank account and ordered them for ATM cards like Visa Card or Pay pal etc. If your Pakistani then you should visit Meezan Bank and registered yourself For VISA card.

  • After getting your official ATM card and getting an account you can buy BCH easily. Just you need to Open BCH wallet.

  • Click BCH Buy option.

  • You find the buy option with Many ATMs card option.

  • After putting you ATMs card number you can buy it easily.

My Dreams

I want my BCH vet Project excell through out the world for which I have great passion for my project.I have dreams for:

  • I have BCH ambulance

  • I have BCH ultrasound Machine.

  • I have BCH Surgery Operation hall.

  • I have BCH X-ray machine.

You can donate me as much as you can as My Motto is Free treatment is Right of each animal. I hope you will get maximum knowledge from my report. Any BCH member Here can get free Consultancy from me. I know I am not able to attract as much as I should but I AK trying my best. InshAllah God will help me.


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Written by   46
1 year ago
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Goodluck in your project

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1 year ago

I wonder why crypto is illegal in your place? Its a great help to some people who have been so keen earning online.

Best of luck on your project, all the best!

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1 year ago

This question should be asked from our Govt as they know if Crypto become legal then their taxes and duties can be out of the marked. I am humble for your good and precious words for my project.

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1 year ago

Just continue it and wishing for your success

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Amen.. I am trying my best as you can observe from my article.

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1 year ago

This project I wish for success. Thanks for providing videos and plans with good intentions with BCH. This helps BCH Awareness to people through your vet clinic. You and your team are truly doing great. 💚

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Thank you again for your interest and for your appreciation.

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1 year ago