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My Dream of the year,"My wife will be Read Cash user and BCH lover"

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1 month ago

Today I have in the mood of serious decision about my life. So It is not an article but an application letter for a life partner. The way read cash influenced me and my life I can't describe into words here. I love the only Crypto that is BCH and only platform that is read cash. Many users after watching my tittle will criticize me and can think I am Scammer and spammer or something curse like I am flirting someone. So be relax and take a deep breath I shall share here all my details and my partner requirements, so after all investigation you can check the credibility and reality. Many people hide thier priorities and don't want to share them here. I am proud of myself for writing application here for my life partner. I bet if I be able to find here here. Here will be great read cash party from both buddies i-e from me and from my life partner. I have a great plan and ideas you really will like and love it. My this application will include following things.

  • My Love letter Form

  • My Partner Requirements

  • My Future plan

  • Comment box section

My Love Letter Form

This is my application form for my life partner. Let us see how much luck I have and How much fortunate I am?. So I want to share my details here, you really like to know if you are reading my this application form.

  • Name:Muhammad Zeshan

  • Country:Pakistan

  • City:Lahore

  • Profession: Vet Doctor

  • Religion:Islam

  • Strong Point: Smile

  • Weak point: I trust everyone and sometimes I get deceived easily.

  • Hobby: Pet Care and Nursing

  • Qualification: Undergraduate of DVM

  • Age:22 years just

  • Job status: Clinic duty

  • Best Edible: Vegetarian

  • Relationship Experience:No

  • Personal Habbit:Always ready to love everyone who deserves

  • Sports: Cricket

  • Picture:Given below


My Partner Requirements

As everyone desires about his partner features I have the same.Here are requirement that should be fulfilled by my partner.

  • Should be Read cash user

  • Should be BCH lover

  • Should be educated

  • Should know how to love and care for me because I love to those who don't speak their pain

  • Should be promising in her behaviour and attitude

Everyone can help me. I have no problem with country, color, caste , religion etc. It is my personal need, "My partner should know how to give love and how to spread love like BCH and read cash".

My Future Plan

I want to have a nucleus Family. I want my Family members know about the true Crypto BCH that deserved love and appreciation. I shall give birth to child that have BCH love in Hereditary. I think this is the best way to promote and spread BCH love. This is my short idea you would like and I hope will pray for me.

Comment Box

All are invited in comment box for thier beautiful suggestions and advices. It would be honor for me. I am ready for all critics , love and care in comment box. As when I write about my desire here I have one idea that is freedom of Speech here. So Let us enjoy our ideas in our way. For anymore detail, just drop in comment box I shall share with you.


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Written by   42
1 month ago
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This will be a great love story if ever you meet the BCH woman for you.

Imagine, 2 strangers, meeting on the best blogging platform of all time, who share the same love and interest in BCH, and then, boom! One big BCH family.

Although I believe that everything in this world is possible, I still to have someone who is family-oriented, animal lover, respectful, God-fearing, and a lot more. Don't rely on your feelings in BCH alone. Just saying.

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1 month ago

Thank you for your special words for me. It is my dream yeah!that is not impossible.

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1 month ago

Oh my! 😅 Anyway, I admire the frankness, but well choices is one great factor to make things happen. So, best of luck!

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1 month ago

Thank you Dear. This is how I want to promote BCH🌟

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1 month ago

Awwwn.... I love your dream. And I pray you get the best BCH woman in which you guys can together make a BCH family.

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1 month ago

Amen...I always dream about BCH and read cash Family.

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1 month ago