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Thinking of Happy Thoughts

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2 months ago

I just finished reading the season finale of one of my favorite webtoon right now which is the Purple Hyacinth by Ephermerys and Sophism.

I do not want to share too much since I fast passed the episode and I do not want to spoil just in case anyone here also reads the same thing.

But I do want to recommend it to you.

It is a good webtoon which has an out-of-this-world artstyle (exaggerated but it is true for me). The plot of this story is chef's kiss, 1000/10 rating kind of plot. And trust me, I read a lot of books. Just kidding about the trust me part because I read a lot.

It is a rollercoaster of emotions and I just cannot even begin to say how much I thanked the skies for letting me find it the moment I did because it was exactly what I needed.

I have been with that webtoon since it was on Discover (Canvas now) in Webtoon and I was there when it was announced that they are finally moving to Originals! That is one of the best moments in my fangirl life. Finally seeing the artist and author I love get the recognition they deserve really made me feel ecstatic.

Well, I am reminiscing about the happy day because the finale broke my heart. Until now, I am still in that lightheaded state of denial.

I used my money to fastpass not expecting it will be the finale. I was not disappointed because it was an absolutely beautiful ending for an amazing season. I was just not expecting to be left hanging off a cliff for an indefinite time.

Well, I am used to it. So I learned some ways to battle the stress that my hobbies give me. Today I like to share one of my favorite ways.

Think of Happy Thoughts

It is weird but it works for me well enough. But today it is not enough to just think of them since my head is full of thoughts of the webtoon, and worry for a fictional duo.

So I will write it down to force my mind into thinking about it or at least not just thinking about the webtoon. If you have not been able to tell yet, I am free writing this. So buckle up for some weird ups and downs and twists along the way.

  1. One memory I am fond of is when I received a box of chocolates from my father. It happened when I was in elementary. It was my 8th birthday (my favorite number!) And my father left the chocolate in my drawer for me to find. I remember feeling so happy about it, it was a lot for a little girl but it made my day and month. Since then, that brand of chocolate has been my favorite even though I ate chocolates tastier than that.

  2. Another is staying at a coffee shop with friends during high school. We like to hangout back in Senior High School since we were not used to goung home by 3pm,we were used to being outside until 11pm due to school works and group works back in Junior High School.

    It took awhile before we were able to stop the hangout sessions daily, but we still go regularly. The funny thing is that in college, we basically do not hangout anymore since we are so tired by 1pm. Weird how much older our bodies feel when we are only in our 20s.

  3. This one brings some sad emotions as well but it is still one of my treasured memories. It is when I was playing around with my then bestfriend. We used to chat and talk at the same time even though we are sitting side by side. We are still talking through some messaging app with a different conversation topic than what we are talking about. It used to drive our other friends mad.

  4. Another one is a surprise that my 2 bestfrriends gave me during my 17th birthday. This one really took my bt surprise because they managed to make my crush from the year above us to greet me a happy birthday and record it. My crush then was part of the journalism club which they are both a part of so they were close.

    The best part about this is that they edited it with some music as well as stickers that make the video has some "jejemon" vibes but I still loved it and I still laugh a little when I randomly think of it. I also still have that video even though he is not my crush anymore. It contains precious memories after all.

  5. I will stop here since I am feeling better. I want to share a recent moment that made it to my happy thoughts. It is when I meet up with a person and we had a great time together. We went to some calming places that I never knew existed before and I felt happy then, until now that I am just thinking of it. I also look forward to seeing the person again.

See? Thinking, or writing in this case, of happy thoughts really does a great job of pulling me out of my sad thoughts and mood. This is a really great way to lift yourself up when you are feeling a bit down. The perfect number for me has always been 5 happy memories to counter the sadness. There is nothing wrong with being sad, but it is easier to handle the sadness when I remind myself that there are happy times as well.

Thank you so much for reading this article everyone! I am so grateful for your continued support.

And did you notice that July is nearing its end? I did not notice it. I have a lot of article I want to publish at the end of July, mostly summaries of some stuff but I still better get started doing that since I do not want to leave it to the last minute.

Did you achieve the monthly goals you set for July? I am sure that you did! You are awesome after all.

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Written by   184
2 months ago
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My happy thoughts are mostly when I was a child or when I was in school (elementary-SHS). Really reminiscing about them, makes us happier and sometimes how we wish that we can turn back the time.

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2 months ago

ANo gamit mo magbasa ng webtoon?

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2 months ago

Yung line webtoon na app po sa google play store. Kulay green yung logo niya tas nakalagay webtoon hehe

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2 months ago

Thats also what im doing whenever im sad about something, i always think happy memories and suddenly my mood change.

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2 months ago

Yep... Thinking of happy thoughts really helps when you want to forget about something or you want to feel a little better

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2 months ago