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Building bridges - An Open Letter to Amaury Séchet

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Dear Amaury,

In the past week, a lot of things have happened and I want to try to build bridges instead of burning them down.

Many people, including myself, have accused you of being a malicious force in the Bitcoin Cash community in the way you have pushed forward with the IFP.

But I know that in your mind, you think that are doing the right thing for Bitcoin Cash's future. After all, you were there since its inception and a big part of its early success. Now, you feel that without being paid proper salaries, you and maybe some of your team cannot continue working on Bitcoin Cash full time. Unfortunately, the way you are trying to accomplish this funding is leaving you with very little support in this community. Trying to ram through unfinished, unreflected major changes to Bitcoin Cash's consensus rules is not the Bitcoin way. Neither is disregarding community feedback, not consulting with other client implementations, not offering any transparency regarding the unknown company that is supposed to get funded and not offering a plan for the usage of the collected funds.

Your clearly are a brilliant developer. But like many strong developers, you have a lot to learn in terms of social and leadership skills. That's ok, nobody can be a genius in all disciplines. The problem is that you are trying to solve a people problem with a technical solution and you don't seem to understand that people are what makes a project successful, not funding. If the community is so alarmed by your behaviour that within a few days a new ABC fork is created, it is clear that the community is rejecting having a self-proclaimed "benevolent dictator" as its leader.

Here is what I suggest: Motivate the right people and they will find easier ways to get you the funding you are looking for. Search for somebody you can trust who can motivate and inspire people. Somebody respected by the community. Let him or her be the project lead, let others do the team building, the governance, the marketing and the business development. Use your amazing talent to focus on coming up with new technical solutions to the challenges we face regarding scaling and adoption. The community will love you and embrace you for it and you will surely regain the respect that currently seems lost.

Bitcoin Cash does not need dictators, even if they are benevolent, it needs a ecosystem with positivity and many different teams working together in harmony.

In closing, I want to thank you for making Bitcoin Cash so great. For making it something worth fighting for. Please come back to the light side.

Regards, ZakMcRofl

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Hope this situation rectify soon, as we are getting closer to the halving. I dont see why they cant just crowdfund the development.

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User's avatar JZA
2 months ago

Prediction : this article will not age very well.

I think many people involved in this debate confuse being consensual with being a good leader. From my (international) experience,this is far from being true in most countries. Maybe it is somewhat true in the US? I found that US managers can be very nice to you right until they fire you, whereas other type of managers will criticize you even if they really like your performances.

The whole article sounds like "I'm going to build bridges by insinuating that you are terrible at what you do and you should stick to writing code in your basement".

As to a supposed majority opposing ABC, that remains to be seen over the coming months.

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3 months ago
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