we didn't last- and that broke my heart.

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As Eleena walk beside the stalls where different foods can be seen she remember memories with him, beautiful memories as she described them. She smiled.



“Elly? These are different foods and if you want choose from them, we can taste everything if you like? He said to me and I can’t help but to smile and giggled at him, he’s so cute while explaining to me. His gesture really melts my heart. I was having a bad day because my parents were arguing again and I don’t really like what’s happening with my family. They always argue with just simple things and it just doesn’t make sense. And then he called me and took me here. My comfort place, everywhere that has food is my comfort place. “Love?” He called me and I look at him and smiled again “Yeah, let’s do that.”


As finished tasting almost every food here. And before we get full by just tasting, I already decided to stop and choose what I want. Dried mangoes and bananas, fried chickens and some dessert which are ice cream my favorite and his is leche plan catches our interest and passed our taste hahaha-


After that we decided to go to the back of the stalls where the open wide ground is located, this is very popular to the people who lived here. We saw a lot of group of friends, lovers, and families they were eating and enjoying the day.

“It’s already 4pm hahaha we took an hour to decide what to eat Elly.” We both laughed together and sat on the ground. “We’ll stay here until the sunset is done and I’ll bring you home after, is that okay?” He asked me considerately. I nodded and watch him as he arranges our things. I smiled and thought of how lucky I am to have him.

While we were eating, he always makes jokes that makes me laugh and smile that’s why I can say that I’m at my happiest when I’m with and I couldn’t ask for more. So thankful to God that he happened and find his way to my life.

As soon as the sun is setting, he suddenly hugged me in the back and whispered “I hope I made yu happy today.” I smiled as I heard his words “You always do, my love” I replied. He hugged me even tighter and said “I’ll forever be with you until the end, always remember that.” As he kissed my hair and sniff it. I smiled again and turn into him and hold his cheeks as I say “I’ll forever love you.” With finality and determination in my voice.

A tear fell from my eyes as I watch the sunset setting, the sun that witness our promises and love, in the exact spot we used to be in, in the place where we both said forever. It’s funny how I’m alone here watching sunset that was once my favorite time of the day because after we fall apart, I avoided everything that may remind me of him, I was able to not like the things I used to like because he said forever but I’m alone suffering in pain.

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