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Overcome a water pump that doesn't work

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Today I want to share my experience in repairing a water pump at home that is broken or cannot drain water.

Actually this is quite a difficult thing but I try to share so that those of you who have a water pump at home can repair it yourself.

Many things can cause a water pump not to release water, ranging from dry water, pump power that is not able to pump water to leaky pipes.

So whatever the problem is all can be solved if we understand the problem so I will give you some information why the water pump can't drain water?

Water pump machine

Basically there are several types of water pump machines, so here we are required to choose the best quality from the pump.

Or it can be purchased according to the needs of the house to save more money, because the better the water pump we will buy, the more expensive the price will be.

So buy a water pump that suits your needs so you can save more money, but here I want to convey that water pumps have advantages and disadvantages. So look carefully what I give.

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Water pressure

Before we decide to repair the pump engine that does not release water, then we must check the water pressure first whether the water pressure is good or not.

Because basically the water pump engine will spray water that is strong enough if the water pump engine works well.

That's why we can also check the water pressure and can let us know whether the pump engine is working properly or not.

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Checking the pipe

In this case, the pipe is also one of the causes of the water not coming out of the water pump so that it cannot push properly into the water reservoir.

Because basically the water storage system is to accommodate water flowing from underground using a water pump through a pipe so that it can store properly.

Why this can happen, maybe because of an old pipe or a pipe that rats eat, because house pipes are usually made of plastic so it is quite easy for mice to bite.

So this leak can cause water to not be able to rise to the water reservoir, causing the pump to be unable to push because the force of the push leaks in the pipe.

Check the whole

If everything has been checked but is good then you can check the depth of the existing water.

How many meters deep are the springs you drilled, so that if you have a small water pump it can only suck water at a depth of 10 to 15 meters.

If you only use a water pump with a power of 125 volts then it will not be enough because 125 volts is only capable of sucking water at a depth of 15 meters.

You need a water pump that is large enough in power such as the size of 200 watt to 500 watt.

It depends on the capacity needed, so whatever the type of pumping machine, look for a pump engine that is strong and capable of sucking water at a depth of more than 20 meters.

Why can't the water rise?

Why can't water be good? This is due to the prolonged dry season so the water discharge will decrease so that the deeper the water is reached by the pump, the more difficult it is for the water to rise.

All things can happen when the water has started to recede, so the best option if the water doesn't come out but all is working well then one option is to buy or replace the pump,with a larger one so that it can still suck water even in the summer.

Water pump schematic

So here's an overview of my research that I used myself from my water tank, so you can see how it works.

So here the water pump machine tries to suck water at a depth of 15 to 20 meters depending on how deep you find the water source.

So if the summer is prolonged then the water will shrink until the water pump has to work hard to suck from that depth.


After sucking water from a depth of 15 to 20 meters, the water pump tries to push water into the water reservoir where the height of the water reservoir is about 5 to 10 meters.

In other words, if your water pump only has 125 watts of power then it will not be able to suck water at a depth of 15 meters and push it into a reservoir that is 10 meters high.

So the water pump has to work hard to push and pump water around 25 meters, of course this will not be able to handle the size of a small water pump.

Water pump selection

So hereby I give you a choice so as not to spend more money, when your water pump is no longer able to suck water then you can exchange the water pump you have.

By adding a little money, you can already have a water pump that is big and strong enough so that the water can flow again.

Remember,! What I'm giving is just an information so you can see what actually happens when the water doesn't flow.

If all the water has been checked then you can repair the water pump at home.

  • Important! This is if the water pump machine is not damaged which can be exchanged if it is damaged then you have to spend the full money.

Maybe this is all I can give, hopefully it's useful, if you like it press the like button, if you don't want to miss my next article then press subscribe.

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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Thanks for this article, I have learnt something is not everytime I will call plumber to come whenever mine is bad

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3 months ago

it sucks dear when your water pump engine breaks it will be very inconvenient, hope you can fix it.

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3 months ago

I will try

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3 months ago

Sometimes it happened that our water pump is being damaged.It also happened that motor machine which is the main thing for rising water being damaged.In most cases its coil burns out.Excessive pressure causes the coil to burn.

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3 months ago

This is different from a motorcycle engine, but usually damage occurs in the seal so that it makes a leak.

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3 months ago