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Create and enhance the BCH Logo

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1 year ago
Topics: Club1BCH, Goals, Journey, Noise.Cash, BCH, ...
Too light color

Change color

Why did I change the color for the BCH logo. ?? This is because I really like the BCH logo, it is very easy for everyone, but for me it is a very important thing.

Perfecting the color and sharpness of the image was one of my goals, it's because I really enjoyed creating the BCH logo.

Every day I try to find and edit the BCH logo I find, I recreate it from faded colors and unclear images.

I really like it if something I love is easy to make, I will always make it.

Maybe many say my logo is normal, and is always uploaded again in my article.

It should be noted that the first color I created is very ambient, so I made it dimmer with a darker color.

So the logo that I created first is not the same, in other words, the color that distinguishes it.

You can see in my article that made the BCH logo, there you can see the difference.

The color is fainter

Different clarity and color

Again, I emphasize this, if what I make is the evolution of my logo for the third time.

If the first sequence is lighter than the second, so in my current article, I change it back.

Why do I keep changing the logo. ?? I already said that I really like doing editing stuff, especially when it comes to BCH, so I have fun and will never be bored.

In my current article I change 2 things, the first is from the color I dimmer.

Second, I clarified the letter B in it so that it was clear and not blurry, that's why I made it and I re-uploaded it here.

Hopefully lots of people will see and observe what a difference this is to everything I make.

I like it if other people are happy to see my work, not for anything else, but I can only show my love for BCH, that's all.

Making it is not difficult, anyone can with the help of this additional application can be done.

Little difference

There is not much I can do to show my enthusiasm for Bitcoin Cash, hopefully everything I do will inspire many others to keep working.

Making something we love is so much fun, in fact we will continue to make it.

Like me, at first I just took pictures without my editing at all, but now I really change them.

In order to be more different from the original, everyone can change it with the characteristics of each person.

I can't make it more, because my ideas haven't come up yet, :))

Wajat only, !! Because I'm not off the blacklist yet, so my inspiration is hampered because the tips haven't flowed,,

Sorry, sorry, I got carried away, this is how I would be when I did something completely spontaneous out of my mind.

Honestly, I always write spontaneous articles without my first thought, maybe only the first idea that I think about what to make.

After the idea emerged, I immediately applied it in my article so that everything could be contained.

So everytime what I write is completely spontaneous and I write, maybe someone here is doing the same thing as me .; :))

Maybe I will continue to make the BCH logo on, but I am still confused about what to do, because smart phones are very limited to doing editing.

So there are only basic things I can do, but it's really from the heart, you know :))

For # Club1BCH

Especially for Club1BCH

I made this specifically for #Club1BCH, especially sir @PVMihalache thank you for inviting me to make the #Club1BCH logo for me to print into a picture on my shirt.

I would love to wear the same clothes as you and my friends who are in #Club1BCH.

It is true that what I created is nothing special, but this is my passion and enthusiasm for the #Club1BCH you created to support such a wonderful program.

Everyone with #Club1BCH, many people participate in collecting 1 BCH in 1 month or two months.

It all depends on their wishes, just as I also want to collect 1 BCH this year, I can only target 1 BCH because my ability is still low in writing articles.

So I know my article won't get many tips, so I'm only targeting 1 BCH this year.

Even then, I'm not sure if I will collect it or not, because I still have a lot to think about for the next days.

The first color is here -

The second color is here -

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Written by   37
1 year ago
Topics: Club1BCH, Goals, Journey, Noise.Cash, BCH, ...
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That looks nice !

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1 year ago

😁😁😁🙏🙏 sorry sir, this is my bad editing skills, but i tried it.🙏🙏

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