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Don't meddle in other people's business

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2 months ago

In my country, Indonesia, it is difficult to take care of an identity card, it is also difficult to take care of a family card. The easy thing is to reduce other people's business without being asked.

We are often tempted to suggest to others to improve their lives, sometimes we think that other people's lives must be improved.

It crossed my mind, it seems that we are people who care about other people, but if we are not asked to be involved in their affairs, we should not interfere in other people's personal matters.

Reminding or telling someone not to do negative things or giving advice on goodness is a good thing and we must do, while interfering is taking care of other people's problems, where these problems are not worth interfering with and we are not asked to get involved inside it.

We suggest that other people's lives be better, but we forget to tidy up our own lives, when we see our friend's desk is messy and on the other hand our desk is tidy, we are tempted to comment so that his messy desk must be tidy. never know at that time maybe he was working hard so he forgot to clean up his desk, and at that time we were not at work so our table became tidy.

But our life is not always right, sometimes our desk is also messy because we are busy thinking about more important matters than just the table.

That's life, we must feel disturbed when someone suddenly comes uninvited to talk and give solutions to our problems. Likewise with other people, so stop being a hero over time, as if we care even though we are just curious.

How about you all this time, are you one of those people who interfere in other people's business without being asked ? Are you one of those people who are interested in other people's personal problems ?

Ask honestly, do you feel happy when you see someone else in trouble. Do you feel happy when you see other people getting into trouble? Have you become a group that is hard to see other people happy and happy to see other people difficult ? only we can answer it ourselves.

If you really feel right with your opinion that taking care of other people's business without being asked is a form of caring. you can just help with his economic problems, pay for his electricity, pay for his children, pay for his schooling and so on.

Take care of other people less, it's better to take care of your own goodness so that you are more classy to get attention. Life is easy if we can live our own lives, life is hard because we are also busy taking care of other people's business.

We sometimes forget, we often take care of other people's affairs until our own lives fall apart because we take care of other people's affairs which are not our responsibility.

If we are asked to interfere, please give a solution, but if we don't ask it it means it's none of our business. Our life isn't necessarily right, there's no need to justify other people's lives, don't waste our oxygen thinking about other people's business, use a share our oxygen to be more useful and useful. being nosy with other people's business is a sign that we really don't have anything to do, all we know is that we care about other people's personal affairs.

Half the happiness of life is not to meddle in other people's business. half his happiness again don't care what people say and what people do. This life is only temporary, every heart, mind, sight and hearing of us all will be accounted for.

•Life is more beautiful with ordinary•

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Written by   11
2 months ago
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2 months ago

Hahahaha,nah koh

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