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Coming soon's review (1999) : RyanReynoldsChallenge (3/48)

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1 month ago
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I have to say this one is pretty strange.

The first 15 minutes of the movie I was really worried about what I was watching and I totally thought something which is totally wrong but I'll explain.

This movie is directed by Colette Burson and this have an interest to know it have been realized by a Woman.

The movie start when 3 friends are quitting highschool to join college and one of them called Stream is still a virgin and think she has to have sex because in college girls have sex. She founds a boyfriend and have sex with him. But she realized that, she likes it but it's not as good as she thought is would be.

The whole movie is about the Women's sexual pleasure.

During a scene when the 3 friends are talking about that, the mother of one of them come in the conversation and tells that this is really great that they get interested about knowing their body and having an orgasm is really great. But that's where is was really confused. The mother was, strange, a little crazy.

While Stream found her interesting her two friends don't want to here it saying that it's normal to have an orgasm. She starts to read books about the female pleasure and she realized she didn't reach the "climax". And when she talks about it to her friends or her boyfriend the reactions are always the same. That's her fault.

And I really felt like Colette Burson arrived with the screenplay about the female pleasure and it has been totally modified by the production and I don't know who to make it that shit saying that if people want to reach orgasme they need to make everything themselves and masturbating is for freaks.

After some times I had my answer, his boyfriend is a shit, and her two friends where trying to be cool but they realized they never had an orgasm neither and they weren't even happy in their relation ship. That's how they try to make things better and start to focus on what they want to do instead of what they want people to think they do.

Steam breaks with his boyfriends and meet one of the ugliest version of Ryan Reynolds who is strangely super charismatic, funny and smart and understand woman, he has more interest to be with a woman who is also his friend instead of just having sex when he's stressed.

One of the Stream's friends realized she's gay and starts a good and healthy relationship with a girl and the last one is so mean during the whole movie that I don't even remember how the end has gone for her.

I personally liked the movie only thanks to what I already said but it wasn't a super great movie to watch. I often felt like all the actors were not acting really good and I did not like most of the characters and the global aspect of the movie. I don't know why but I felt like the costume designers took the worst from the 80s and the 90s to make everybody look awful even if it's in 1999.

That wasn't the worst thing to watch but I'm sure if there wasn't Ryan Reynolds I would probably have stopped to watch it at the middle because as I say, they made one of the ugliest version of him. And that terrible beard is the reason. That's a super power, I tried just to hide it in my field of view with my finger and he becomes nicer immediately !

At a moment in the movie he shaved it and I think that's for more realism because it grow again after and become even uglier because it's becoming too long. I hope he learned from that and never did it again because I don't think I will resist if I see this again in the next movies.

What a great moment to make this kind of post when he announced that he's quitting cinema for we don't know how long.

I hope he will not be away for too long. There are a lot of projects with him that will need him to come back. Like Deadpool 3 or the thing I heard about a Free guy 2.

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Written by   29
1 month ago
Topics: Creativity, Blogger, Netflix, Art, Journey, ...
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Haven't seen this movie, and it was long time ago, 1999 as you said. I have to agree that Ryan Reynolds acting could change our taste in liking a film. I remember his movie with Sandra Bullock, I don't want to watch that, but I end up livong it.

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1 month ago

Yes ! The proposal ! Exactly the same for me x)

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1 month ago