A huge surprise - Tesla Model 3

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2 years ago

The first thing before continuing, I'm unfortunately not having a Tesla model 3.

I'm a huge fan of the Brand and It's a goal for me to have one. While I'm currently driving the old Twingo my parents bought to my brother and finally gave to me, I would really like a Tesla to be the First car I buy myself.
(My current car is older than me, I'm from 1999 and it's from 1998)

While Binance is launching the possibility to buy Stocks with crypto (only TSLA for the moment), UpHold is doing it from a long time, around a year maybe. And I already have $16 in TSLA.

My until few weeks, my father was working for IBM since now 15 years. With his job they gave him some cuts in the price to rent a car. I was renting one since 15 years and changing every year. But now he changed his job.

He's not having the opportunities to have lower prices for the car, so he needed to buy one.

That's when we were not agreeing together. While I knew that a Tesla model 3 could be some expensive, I expected that he would like to have a car a little better for the environment. Because his last one was a Renault Kadjar. A Diesel SUV.

My dream is to have an electric car, but it's only mine. But I know he want to have a better impact on the environment. That's why I didn't liked when he said that he would just buy a Kadjar.

I was here saying "Hum, your Kadjar is 35k€, you know that model 3 is only 37,5k€ ?"

He answered me "The model 3 is too small for me, not high enough". And, I felt some disappointed. Not because he didn't want the model 3, there's a lot of reasons. But the fact that he prefer a really polluting car, too big for him only because it's big. That was crazy for me.

But I decided, after just saying some more arguments sometimes that he wouldn't change his mind so no need to say anything more.

That's funny because, at a moment, I walken in the house and saw the screen of his computer and saw an Email with a big model 3 on it. And, I receive some spam ads saying "You won a Tesla model 3, come get it !". So I said to him "Hey, listen to this ad, she's right, you should buy this one instead". We laughed and continued what we were both doing.

His last car was a light grey and the next should be a darker grey. And yesterday was the day he exchanged it. When coming back home (I'm with my parents for the lockdown) he came to see me, lying in the couch and say "I received my car, you wanna see it ?".

I knew what to wait for. But came to the door. And the car was placed somewhere we could only see the color because of a bush, and as he said, it's a darker grey. And I asked him "Are there more options ?". And he said "I think, go watch it"

So I walked and saw the car.

Even before discovering the entire car I just saw this on the back of the car.

I thought it was just a joke, like He put a Tesla logo on his Kadjar But when watching to the full car body I discovered that, it was lower. And with really different curves. And the handles are really different too.

I askde if that was a joke Like he only brang this Model 3 to see my reaction and get his own car later but now. That's what he bought. My father is now a part of the "Tesla Family" they say. I've been fortunate enough to test it just after. We needed to take my little sister from her dance lessons.

I tested it and as I was supposing, the best feature of the car is to being able to make the signals fart.

Today I drove it few times because he lend it to me. I ate with few friends and for sure we passed at least an hour juste seeing everything we can do in it. I also tried some quick acceleration and that's pretty funny.

Now I tested it I can say that I'm not disappointed at all. That's the smoothest car I never drove. That so comfortable and easy to drive with it. I may do a test post but not here. I'm living a little dream. I can see that, compared to my actual car, everything is better. The worst thing is the size. Too big for me but there is so much things like radars, back camera ans AI that are making things easier that I don't care of the size. That's just awesome and I may try it and use it to move some things to my appartments, I would really like to try to carpool with it !!

This is such a personal post without really content, I hope you liked it 😅 Have a good day everyone !

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2 years ago
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You're lucky you own a car at 22 while I'm 26 and I only have my Smartphone that was given by my mother

But well that's why I'm starting to save here now so that I cam ear some and buy something I want. 🙈.

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2 years ago

Yes I'm pretty lucky ! Even if my car isn't great, it can do it's car Job :')

That would be awesome if you could buy a car with BCH !

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2 years ago

But before that let's save BCH more.

$ 0.50
2 years ago

Exactly !

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Yess, and thanks for the generous tips 💚🎈

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2 years ago

No problem ! 😉

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2 years ago