We Are Walking Wealths

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What we have as humans is so much, we can't possibly know all about ourselves, talk less of another. Among the many attributes given to us as humans is the ability for us to get what we desire, no wonder they say"there is nothing we can't achieve if we put our minds to it. We are humans, we are an embodiment of power and surprise, we only to learn on how to take up challenges so that we become stronger and more ready for the task area. We are all we need, especially to get wealth, we ourselves are yet our greatest boost to achieving any feet we aim at.

Do you know that you're money already, you're are a living money, a walking wealth, this is so true, you probably didn't see it this way because of the financial status currently, you might be having doubts but it doesn't stop it from being true. One unique features about humans is that we can create and recreate from scratch or from existing raw materials, so we make what we want. You don't really need money to feed, you need money to feed well, we don't really need money to sleep, no we need money to sleep comfortably, or to be happy, money helps us go get better experiences to make us happier.

This is to say money is not the greatest asset, we humans are, money can't exist without us, but we existed before money, we can still exist without money, as we made money ourselves, in a quest to look for a legal tender that could amount for value, instead of constantly taking our goods or services and exchanging it with another goods or services what we know as trade by bater.

We seek something to help us, so we don't carry that heavy maize or vegetables all the way from our homes to journey far to exchange, rather let's sell the product here, get a lighter object that would amount to the values of the product and easier moveable, so when handed over the recieval is sure there's no problem, as he or she knows with it, they can get what they want easily. This lighter object, this legal tender became money, meant to serve us, it can never overthrown our importance, we are still the most valuable asset ever.

Whatever it is you're looking for is tied to someone and we only need that person so we can get what we want. Did you get that?. Often time we seek money or help of any sort, and we feel we need to find how to get the money as though the money is just laying down somewhere all by itself, well it's quite the opposite, someone owns the money, maybe individuals, maybe its a collective group, an organization or maybe its a governing body, any which it is, be sure they are not ready to freely let it out except for a vivid reason that serves a purpose.

To this above we can see that all we need to do is to proof ourselves as Worthy to be handed that money to, not by pleading on their conscience as begging but rather in offering a solution to what they seek. That why we learn, you skill is almost as good as money it self, just it hasn't yet gone it to fish it out. What you can do is equal to the money you have,, judging based on market value of your seek. We have to look to please people and not just fold in hope that wealth would one day find its way through.

Artificial intelligence are undoubtedly making waves now and its as though man power would yet go slightly unnecessary with time, robot and super computers are so smart that they can do anything in a short space of time and still be energetic, they can take the place of 50 men or more at a go, they do make the work easier but then it chased away numerous workers previously working that corner before the robots took over, well we could say they have to find another job to do or start up something, but its easier said than done knowing that capital is a Paramount need for most start ups especially with the numerous competitions you have to face.

In smarter words, we really don't need money we need people, people owns the money, by needing people it doesn't mean we must try to get as many people as possible subjected under us, so they could be remitting their money to us, no that's not it. We need to see ways to get them to pay us as we satisfy their needs or even mere Wants, its been the law of business, people pay up for what you can do for them that you really can't do for yourself. Any other form of payment would be a Mandatory one, like a levy, tax , due, theft or whatever the name might be. The rest are because we want to.

We are the greatest assets, we are more expensive than the costliest of cars and houses, humans are simply priceless, diamonds and Gold have price tags, we don't, because there is no limit to what we can get or own, anyone can be very wealthy tomorrow even if he doesn't think it can be possible today. The only problem is we ourselves, we degrades ourselves and place ourselves of lesser value than objects, substances that are supposedly subjected to us. So hey you there, you are wealth and more, money can never make you, but you can make money and you will. Amen.

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Nice post. Very inspirational and mind blowing. I like it, all is true.

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1 year ago

Inspirational and eye opening message dear. Well said.

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