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When No One Is Available To Listen

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3 months ago

There are moments in life that nobody wants to listen. Maybe some of them are too busy, but sometimes they just don't want to hear us out. And there are moments when we feel like wanting to release everything out in order to keep moving. But unlucky to have someone who will listen.

Some people find comfort in talking to someone about what's happening in their life and it comes with a price too — the trust. There are many people surrounding us. Some may be fake, but there are a few who really cares.

But the question is, what will you do when no one is available to listen? Or when no one wants to listen?

We have different answers on this one. And that is for sure. But what matters is that, our own ways on how to handle the situation. In this piece, I want to emphasize the things that I do when I want to share my thoughts but no one is available.

  • I spend time thinking positive. I believe that overthinking will eat us when we start feeding the negativity in our head. And whenever I have some problems that I want to talk about but nobody is present, I make sure to have positive thoughts to convert my attention.

  • Understand that people do have their own life and businesses to mind. One of the realities in this life is that, every one of us have businesses to mind and life to live. And it means that some people may not be there for us, because they are also busy facing challenges and life problems on their own.

  • Try some hobbies and express your thoughts in there. There are other ways to express your feelings and emotions. Some people find comfort on drawing or painting. It is where they express the thoughts running in their head, whether positive or not.

    And when no one is available to listen, know that you can count on trying some hobbies such as writing, song-making, drawing or painting. It can a great way to convert your emotions and thoughts into something more creative.

As you can see, there are the things that I would do when no one is there to listen to to me. They may be simple to you, but they are working for me, especially trying new hobbies. I would like to continue my journey in writing and as well as blogging — as my way to share my thoughts and express my emotions.

Good day, everyone. It's me again and my thoughts for today. You can leave your comment below and I'd love to read them.

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June 12, 2022

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Written by   12
3 months ago
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When no one is available be available for yourself, and I agree with what you say, those things you said were helpful indeed.

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3 months ago

When you have problems and you are in your weakest point that's the best thing and good opportunity to know who are true to you or sincere to you. We have lots of friends but who is true?

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3 months ago