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The Pursuit Of Happyness

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5 months ago

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, the Happyness is not technically wrong spelling as it is part of the title of the movie.

The Pursuit Of Happyness --- the movie. I just recently finished watching this yesterday. Yes, it took me a couple of days watching almost two hours of a movie. But let me share what it's about.

This movie is based on a true story about a single father who is determined to lift himself and his son's life from poverty. He worked very hard from his way up from the bottom to a brokerage firm.

His name is Chris Gardner portrayed by Will Smith and his son was Jaden Smith. They struggled so much with financial problems that his wife had to leave her. From that on, they were evicted from their apartment and motel that they were staying in and left with no place to go.

Chris was selling bone density scanners for a living but it was seldom sold since it was costly and clinics were not interested in it. But when he sold one, it was not enough to suffice for the needs of their family.

He eventually landed in a brokerage firm and was given an internship. But at that time, he was still not earning, forcing him to still try to sell the remaining bone density scanners. It was a very difficult situation since he had to take care of his son while dealing with some life stuff.

After work, he would go to different clinics and after that rushed into shelters which they had to line with others that are homeless. There he would still study at night while his son was sleeping.

The day came for his final exams at the brokerage firm. As he was on the elevator with one of the examiners, they chatted for a bit on how he felt about the difficulty of the exam and how he struggled on answering the essay exam. The other guy was shocked upon hearing the essay exam and realized that he wasn't able to answer it.

The results came back and with God's Grace, Chris was fortunate to pass and was offered a job at the brokerage firm. From that they forward, he was able to lift their lives and started a brokerage firm of his own.

Fact: The Happyness word was actually from the daycare that his son attends to. He pointed it out to the maintenance guy and it was never corrected.

Why did I write about this?

Simply because I was inspired and had realizations about life. This movie made me realize that I should fight for my survival, have determination, and never give up on my dreams.

Despite facing many struggles, Chris Gardner never gave up. He pushed himself to have that life that he wanted for himself and his son. And with life's struggles, this only gives us a reason to continue fighting and to owe up to our childhood dreams about what we really wanted in life.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie.

Thank you for reading this! ♥️

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Written by   125
5 months ago
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Kala ko typo lang yung Happyness hahahaha. Try ko nga din panoorin to pag may time.

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5 months ago