Husband's Duty! A day as a WIFE.

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It's Saturday Again. A day to relax and unwind. A day for relieving the body pain for the weekday's long duties. You can jump out of bed and get started on a day of total freedom. It is a day where you get to choose what to do. Saturdays are better than Sundays for me because it is also a family day for us.

But today is unusual. My Saturday for me is so backbreaking. I feel like I was crucified. A day that I would like to refrain from coming back. A day that I want to get a massage all day until I was ameliorated.

Here's why

I am the luckiest man in this world. I found the most glamorous girl on earth, She is my wife. All the characteristics of a wife to be had with her. Yesterday, I found out that she has a high fever. I cant refuse to be absent yesterday so I request to have a leave. Luckily, I was granted so I can supervise my wife today.

At first, I thought that I would only look after my wife. I must only prepare her medicine kits, provide her with enough food but then I realize something that I must do. What she usually does every day, must be obtained also.

So at 5 am today, I already get up to cook for our meal this morning. I bought canned goods because it is my easiest food to cook. 😂. Then I cook garlic rice also. I also cook 3 cups of rice using the rice cooker for extra. But 3 cups of rice is too much. I didn't know how many cups we consume every meal. 😁

Our breakfast this morning. My big boss loves to eat this.

My wife insists to eat her breakfast because of a loss of appetite. So I cooked "lugaw" for her.

After eating breakfast, I already wash the dishes so that I can relax a little bit. A fish vendor was passing by so I bought 1/2 kilo of him. I don't know how to clean exactly the fish and then I stored it in the refrigerator.

My outcome in cleaning the fish. 😅😅

At 8:30 in the morning, I tried to relax a little bit. But then I saw a depository of used clothes in our laundry area. I forgot that it is Saturday. Saturday is "Labada day". So I immediately wash those clothing, especially my uniform. We don't have enough clothes to wear so I have no choice.

My wife always reminds me, especially in brushing clothes. " ilain ang puti ug de-color". Meaning I must separate the white clothes and the colored ones. Then she added this to me. " ayaw tawon pag magic negs laba" meaning don't wash it instantly. I must carefully brush the dirt off each clothes. Whoah! This would be a tough one for me.😁😅

I didn't include all the clothes I washed in this photo.

After washing the clothes, I immediately hang the washed clothes to dry up. Woah! I can feel the hit of the sun. It's already summertime.

As I finished the other clothing to dry up, I never noticed that it is lunchtime. I forgot to cook the fish for our lunch. So I quickly stare at our clock and It's already 11:30 am. I quickly cook the fish for our lunch today. I don't understand the taste of our fish paksiw. I'm not an expert in cooking. My wife always does the cooking. I only do the eating. 😆.

My fish paksiw. I don't know how to cook it like the taste of my wife does.

To end up the story, I did my duty as a wife today. As a result, all the parts of my body ache. It is an unusual duty I do but I learned something today.

I truly believe that women are more powerful than men. And I am proud that my wife is stronger than me in any aspect. I acknowledge her time management skills, her flexibility, her motivation, and her dedication. I cant do the same way she does. I can see how strong she is. My wife is so precious. And every day I love her more.

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My realization about this:

1. You should involve and help her with the household.

sometimes, if I come home after my work, I say that “I am being tired and I have no mood to work anything” this is not good because she is also tired of doing a full day's work. Help each other and make things easier.

2.Boost her because she fed you, every day.

My realization garners respect for the woman today who made sure there was food on the table. I salute all mothers, wives, and women who always feed their loved ones with planned or unplanned meals.

3. Love your wife Unconditionally.

Assure her, let her know that you honor her, love her, value her, believe her and all these things show her in your activity. All these things are a sign of an honest comrade.

4. Always take decisions together.

Nowadays every married couple takes their decisions together and this is the proper indication of respect her opinions. Never underestimate her opinion and don’t feel her like ‘I don’t care.

5. Don’t hide Monetary Information from her.

Your wife is your life partner and you honestly share your financial crisis. 

Your wife is a stakeholder in the housetrain you share your efforts to enhance it and retain it. You both are discussed any financial information and make a positive decision towards your future. 

6. Show your Appreciation and spend some time together.

Always try to create some us time so both are spending quality time together. Talk with her, share your feelings and your dreams. And the most important thing is you share what you want from her.

7. Protect Your wife.

This is your primary duty to protect your wife. You must save her from every difficulty. You always stay with her like a shield.

That's it for today. It was a tiring but special day. My wife makes my day special. From now on, I will make her day magical.

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