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Curation Due #1: Corona

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7 months ago
Topics: Corona

The news Rings in my head

My heart won't settle

Because I can't settle

Everyone won't settle either

Everyone are anxious

Anxious of the next images

Obviously there is going to be another death news

Who next :

That's the question

On everyone mind

I'm waiting for the images

For the image of crime


Images of people crying for their love one's

I can't go out

I can't go out without my facemask

I can't imagine without going out to meet

My friend's

I can't fathom out the cause of this corona virus

I can feel my heartbeat

I can feel my heart-broken

Every time I hear of patients dieing from the virus

I can feel the pain the world is facing

It's feel like the pulse in my hand

Ready like a flying object

Out in the sky

Open to the world

Like open wine, without wine opener

Open Wikipedia, with open wifi

Open to the whole wide world

That use to be full of people

Now nothing

But a mere ghost town

That make u face the crime

And pain being talked about in the news

You know it

You have it

You feel the pain

Until u fall into the jaws

Of the people

Who recovered

And die

You don't know who is next

Maybe it's you

Maybe it's me

Maybe it's someone by your side

Watch out for CORONA VIRUS.

During the Locked down , whenever I open my browser on phone all I see is Corona virus updated. And images of people wearing nosemask, social -distance and death rate and everything related to Corona virus.

That's why I write this peom thanks to @heartbeat1515 and @wakeupkitty who gave me the opportunity to write this poem on corona virus.

Secondly it really worries me and it's matters to everyone around the world.

The message I'm sharing through this poem is to let everyone know that corona virus is very dangerous and kill.

Yet some people especially my fellow African believe it's not real or does exist, and they are not talking it seriously and this is a risk to other people life. So please let be vaccinated and keep all safety precautions by washing our hands, wearing our nosemask and keeping social -distance . While we keep fighting to defeat the deadly corona virus.

I believe and very optimistic that we are all going to get through this together.

My Regards To





For there Encouragement

Thanks for reading

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Written by   8
7 months ago
Topics: Corona
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Keep in mind each virus can kill. So does influenza but we no longer count them. Interesting is since this new coronavirus is around no one does with us of a heart attack, influenza, diabeticy, and so on.

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7 months ago

People don't believe unless they experienced it first hand, but regret is always in the end. Keep safe @Viktor105 and let's pray to God that these will be over soon. Good writing, keep it up.

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7 months ago

Thanks so very much @EnkeDemoiselle and( Amen) to your prayer. Please also stay safe my friend

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7 months ago

The same goes for us here. I don't mind about those who don't want to take the vaccine because this something new and everyone has their thoughts and fear.

I am sad thinking about those who don't believe until the virus took one of their family members away.

Perhaps you can read the poem back and edit the spelling errors. Thank you.

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7 months ago

Okay Thank I type using my phone I will check back and correct the error

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7 months ago