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I don’t know about you, but I’m a words guy. I could spend all day showering you with words of affirmation, and I would never get tired of it! If you’re like me, then you also like receiving those sweet words of affirmation. The ‘atta boys’, the compliments, the validation, even small things such as: “I like you”, or “you mean something to me” fill my heart. But what if you aren’t a word person, and struggle telling the people important to you how you feel? Of course everyone loves a good compliment here and there, but sometimes it can feel tiring to build your other person up. I can understand that completely as well!

What Are Words Of Affirmation?

If you’re reading this right now, you know what ‘words’ are :D, but what does affirmation mean? Google has multiple definitions for affirmation, but the one that stood out to me most is: “emotional support or encouragement.” Emotional support or encouragement means different things to different people though. There are countless ways to provide emotional support and encouragement, and words of affirmation can be especially beneficial.

Words of affirmation can be used in both written, and spoken form. A heartfelt letter, or text, can be just as powerful as speaking it out loud. I enjoy writing words of affirmation to the people who are important to me because I can take as long as I need to put my thoughts into sincere and heartfelt words. I’m guilty of sending what I call ‘books’ in the form of texts, messages, or letters, and their length is multiple long walls of text. To some people this is a total turn off, but to others it’s just another display of love and affection.

The problems I’ve found with sending letters or long text messages to your other person is that it can be difficult to convey context, tone, or feeling. When you use spoken words of affirmation, you’re able to use body language and facial expressions along with receiving a direct response. When you tell someone what’s on your heart, you can expound further on why you feel that way and have a conversation with the other person. It’s nice to see the expression and glow that your partner exudes after you’ve finished speaking. That is almost more special to me than the words I may or may not receive back.

Why Are Words Of Affirmation So Important?

Words are powerful, and the meaning and emphasis we place on them can either put someone down or lift them up. Words of affirmation are one of the 5 love languages written about by Gary Chapman. The other 4 forms of expressing love include: Physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and giving gifts/presents.

“”Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” - Mother Teresa

You don’t have to be a best selling author, or a famous poet to use words of affirmation. Something short and easy to speak can resonate with someone far more than a long monologue or rambling. Just think of quality over quantity! Short, sweet, and to the point are some of my favorite words of encouragement to hear. Something important to remember about words though is that when they’re repeated over and over and over again….they begin to lose their meaning. Coming up with new ways to uplift, inspire, and show love to your partner makes the words you use more meaningful. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over, expecting a different result!

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”

Nietzsche was correct in saying that words can turn the world upside down (and look at that mustache!!!). We’ve seen countless dictators, rulers, cult leaders, and smooth talkers that have used their words to turn the world upside down. The pen and tongue can both be weapons used to destroy, manipulate, insult, or offend. Or……our words can be used as tools to build up, inspire, encourage, motivate, and show kindness.

50 Words Of Affirmation Examples

I wrote about 50 of my favorite self love affirmations here, and any one of they could be an example for words of affirmation. Replace the “I” with “you” and try them out on your partner or soulmate. Here are even more example words of affirmation, and I feel this way about YOU (yes you!).

  • You are important

  • You matter, and make a difference

  • I admire “x, y, z, quality” about you

  • You make me feel better than I’ve ever felt before

  • I love you

  • The way you do “x, y, z talent/skill” is really impressive

  • I miss you

  • I appreciate you

  • You are beautiful, sexy, cute, handsome, etc.

  • I enjoy spending time with you

  • You have LIMITLESS potential

  • You make me feel safe, secure, and wanted

  • Thank you for being you

  • There is nothing you can’t accomplish

  • You make life more fun

  • You make me laugh (use this nicely xD)

  • When you do “x, y, or z” it makes me feel special

  • You are caring

  • I trust you

  • I desire you

  • When you do “x, y, or z” it makes me feel special

  • Your hard work is going to pay off

  • I’m inspired by you

  • You are thoughtful

  • Your opinion is important to me

  • I think you are amazing

  • Thank you for listening to me

  • You make me better than I would be on my own

  • I wouldn’t change a thing about you

  • Your smile is beautiful

  • Life is more fun with you in it

  • You deserve the best

  • You are worth it

  • Being around you is never a dull moment

  • I love your giggle

  • You are intelligent

  • I respect you

  • I enjoy your presence

  • What you say is important to me

  • You make me feel whole

  • I’ll always be on your side

  • I love learning new things about you

  • Thank you for doing “x, y, z activity” even when you don’t feel like it

  • Your strengths offset my weaknesses

  • You are always on my mind

  • I’m motivated by you

  • Your perspective is insightful

  • You are a Rockstar

  • I apologize if I hurt you

  • You have a beautiful soul

The Words You Use Have Power And Meaning

Words of affirmation can have a tremendous effect on someone who closely relates to that love language. Mark Twain once said he could live 2 months on a good compliment. A good compliment that is sincere, genuine, and heartfelt can have a huge impact on someone and totally change their day. I can vividly remember good compliments from the past, and they still make me feel appreciated and loved.

Sometimes with words of affirmation, less is more. Say how you feel, and speak from the heart whether it’s with your friends, family, coworkers, or your soulmate. If you struggle with expressing how you feel through words of affirmation just don’t get discouraged! Practice makes perfect, and if you’re making a genuine effort then the other person will appreciate that more than the compliment itself!

Vibration101 PSA:

To whoever made it to the end, I have something you need to hear….
You matter! You make a difference in the world, you’re valuable and you are important. Despite us never meeting….I appreciate you, and I’m thankful for you. Don’t ever forget how special you are, and that no matter what….you are LOVED!

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I wish I was like you who's open to saying words of affirmation 😅 I don't usually use words to express everything

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1 year ago

The words you used now were more than enough! I appreciate you!!!

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1 year ago

Thank you so much! I guess this is the start of a new friendship 😅

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1 year ago

If we know the power in words of affirmation, we will always wake up each day to confess them into our lives. Words are powerful and it is what we say that our mind will receive and work for us.

This is what I say to myself each day and I spend all day feeling positive vibes in me. Thanks for the last statement and I can really feel good.

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1 year ago

The only thing I want to do in this world is build others up, inspire and make people 'really feel good'.

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1 year ago