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6 Of Pentacles - Giving Back To Those In Need

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3 months ago

The 6 Of Pentacles Tarot card represent charity, being in a position to share your wealth, or finding yourself in position of need, and receiving assistance. The Pentacles in tarot are one of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana. Typically the Pentacles, or “coins” suit deals with money, finances, hard work and material wealth. The Pentacles suit in tarot is associated with the suit of diamonds in traditional playing card decks. The similarity is obvious, with diamonds being associated with affluence, status, wealth and success. Pentacles are also tied to the element earth of the 4 elements. The 6 of Pentacles reflect generosity, and displays how quickly we can find ourselves in a state of need, or in a position to help those in need.

The 6 Of Pentacles depict a man in fine clothing standing between two beggars who are on their knees. The wealthy man holds a scale in one hand, and dispenses coins to the beggars from the other. The gratitude and relief on the two beggars faces as they kneel before the rich man is obvious and powerful. The coins may not mean much to the man, but the expression of the two beggars imply that it is life changing for them. The 6 of Pentacles (Coins) are displayed prominently above the affluent man, signifying his tremendous wealth and abundance.

Rider Tarot Deck

The wealthy man looks happy and glad to not only help the two beggars, but to be in a position to do so. The gratitude that can be seen from the beggars is evident on the face of the rich man as well. Does he remember a time when he was in a position similar to the beggars, and received help from a kind soul?

You can see the man holding a scale in the other hand, representing how quickly the balance can shift from one side to the other. The scales can also imply that what we give and put out is what we receive back. Doesn't it always seem to work that way? You do a good deed for a stranger, and all of a sudden you receive an unexpected blessing out of nowhere? Typically whatever we get back is much greater than what we originally gave. Funny how that works ;)

6 Of Pentacles Keywords


  • Generosity

  • Gifts

  • Compassion

  • Support

  • Equality

  • Sharing

  • Give And Receive

  • Charity

  • Gratitude

  • Community


  • Greed

  • Debt

  • Inequality

  • Scams

  • Extortion

  • Lack Of Generosity

  • Giving and expecting something back

  • Deception

  • Poor Money Management

  • Selfish

6 Of Pentacles Upright

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

The 6 Of Pentacles upright focuses on two things....being in a position to give, or being in need of assistance. You may be in a position right now where your finances are in order, and can afford to dress in fine clothes like the rich man. You've worked hard for the things you possess, but consider sharing the wealth. The smile on the rich man's face indicates the sincere joy he feels from helping out his fellow brother in need. He acknowledges his massive abundance and wealth as a blessing, and does what he can to pay it forward.

You may not be in a position to offer financial assistance to those in need, but you have other talents that can benefit others. Offering your time, a shoulder to cry on, or an attentive ear to a problem can all be examples of giving to those in need. We've all been blessed with unique and special talents, so make sure to use yours for the benefit of others.

Getting the 6 Of Pentacles upright in a reading can also indicate needing assistance, or receiving that charity/donation. If you find yourself in the position of the beggar, you could be on the receiving end of someone's kindness. We all need help at some point in our lives (or a few times...), and it's O.K. to accept it. Receiving a donation or assistance from someone can be a transformative and humbling experience. You learn a valuable lesson about your finances and how to control them in the future, but you also work harder to repay that kindness back to someone else.

When it really comes down to it, the 6 of Pentacles upright is a sign of gratitude and appreciation. Whether you're the beggar, or the rich man, you are grateful and appreciative of the gifts you can give and also receive. The scales in the rich man's hand indicate that the tables can turn in a heartbeat, and it doesn't take much to tip the scales in one direction or the other!

6 Of Pentacles Reversed

The New Palladini Tarot Deck

The 6 Of Pentacles reversed can represent giving with an insincere heart, or an ulterior motive. When you go out of your way to do a favor for someone, or loan money, ask yourself if it's for the right reasons. Are you offering aid and assistance so that you have something to hold over someone's head? When you lend your time or money is it because you expect a favor back in the future? Check your heart before you give of yourself, and be sure it is for pure and noble reasons.

The other interpretation for the 6 Of Pentacles reversed is being under appreciated for your good deeds. You could be in a position to give, and help others, but don't receive a 'thank you' back. This can be frustrating when you give freely and ethically of your time and resources. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for their kind deeds or acts of service, but remember.....that isn't the point! When you give, give from the kindness of your heart, not because you want or expect praise. Make sure you aren't giving just to shine the spotlight on yourself and bring attention to your deeds. The best blessing to give (and receive) is the one done in secret!

6 Of Pentacles Love

Spiral Tarot Deck

The 6 Of Pentacles Love meaning follows closely to the upright position. This is a wonderful card to receive during a love reading because gratitude and appreciation between you and your partner are clearly acknowledged. You share your victories with your partner by your side, and they celebrate right alongside you. The 6 Of Pentacles for love can also indicate that one of you may be offering additional assistance to the other in the relationship. This could be financial assistance, emotional support, or quality time. If you're the one receiving the additional benefit, make sure you use your talents to repay your partner in a way they can appreciate. I wrote a whole article about words of affirmation, and how powerful they can be for building your partner up.

When the 6 Of Pentacles Love is reversed it can indicate that someone is being taken advantage of. If you're in a relationship, one (or both) could be taking advantage of the other person. You may be feeling under appreciated and misunderstood from your partner, which slowly turns into resentment. Have a conversation and clear the air before you jump to conclusions. If you're having trouble in finances with your significant other then it may be time to work through the budget. Talk to one another and come to an understanding.

6 Of Pentacles Career/Finance

Cosmic Tarot Deck

When the 6 Of Pentacles appears in a career reading it means that someone in a position of power is interested in helping you with your goals or work. This can come in the form of a financial gift, or time and effort directed toward you and your endeavors. You may also be receiving praise or encouragement for a job well done from a superior, recognizing your hard work. There could be an opportunity to share your gifts and talents with someone you work with, aiding in their success. You may not realize it, but even small acts of kindness can radically change someone's life.

The 6 Of Pentacles for money shows that you are in line to receive a charitable gift or find yourself the recipient of someone else's generosity. This act of kindness might blindside you, and you'll receive this gift unexpectedly. When the 6 Of Pentacles appear it means that you are open and receptive to receiving the assistance of others. You may not realize that others are going out of their way to build you up, watching from the background while you continue to succeed.

Accepting assistance is helpful, but it can also be detrimental if you begin to rely too heavily on the generosity of others. Don't become complacent or expect everyone else to carry you along. Riding the coat tails of others and leeching off of their kindness and generosity hurts everyone, including yourself. Every blessing you receive should be met with gratitude and appreciation, with an extra emphasis on paying it forward in the future to someone else.

This is just one man's interpretation, but what I'm really interested in, what I REALLY want to know is.....What do YOU think it means? Share your thoughts, tell me about if you see yourself as the rich man or the beggar. Tell me my interpretation is wrong, or if it needs to be tweaked. When it comes to interpreting tarot cards, a fine art piece, or a beautiful sunset, there are no wrong answers!

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Written by   83
3 months ago
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I am not rich but not a beggar either for I can help others as my capacity dictates :D I like how the Golden Rule is applicable to these cards.

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3 months ago

Ah thank you for giving me that insight!!!! "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". That is so so sooo true! I appreciate ya :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I feel like the interpretation for the 6 Of Pentacles reversed suits me. Well, I don't complain if someone would not say thanks to me. It's just that it's nicer if we hear those kind words.

$ 0.05
3 months ago

I related to that a lot as well. Kind words are so important to me, and it means a great deal to feel appreciated. I just wanted to say......thank you, and I appreciate YOU! :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago