Love when it is sincere and deep easily forgives and forgets

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LOVE is a secret hidden in our souls and LOVE is a mysterious power that moves the human soul, the world, the planet, and the cosmos. Happy are those who observe the world around them with a look of love or eyes of love. Happy are those who give and share their happiness with others. There are always "shooting stars" and "stars of joy", but don't let the light go out in your eyes. Stare into the Heavenly Heaven, into the person you love, into your soul ... and you will see your light path! ".... He who sees, feels and knows that happiness and love are given as the most beautiful gift believes in love. , who walks in darkness does not see light and does not believe in God's gift, because there is always white and black, light and darkness, happiness and sorrow, love and suffering - But how and for whom? wandering ... Only love finds the way of light ......

We all long for love, for warmth, for tenderness, for that true belonging to someone we sincerely care about. We all, when we love, want to be loved at the same time. Only reciprocated love is happy to love, everything else is torture, suffering, sadness, and such love makes no sense.

Love should be beauty and pleasure, not sadness. There should be joy and happiness, not tears and uncertainty. Love is a feeling in which we drown without ever being able to run out of air. The deeper we sink into it, the more strength we gather, the stronger we are, the happier we become, the more relaxed we become.

who has never felt love, who does not know what it means to love, has no idea how unhappy he is in his life.

For there is nothing worse than a cold and insensitive heart, which has not realized the warmth and light of one's existence and in which reason has not given way to the heart. And where the heart rules, love leads the circle and conquers everything.

We are all walnut shells swaying in the sea of ​​life. And it's not easy for anyone ... when they find their other half, and they fold together, perfectly, like a shell, then they float, then neither wind nor water can do anything to them ... Ever since the time when, according to mythology, Zeus gave to kill a perfect being (half male, half female) and to divide his heart into two parts and throw it away from each other, everyone is looking for that other half of the heart, the other half of themselves, to go further, to go further stronger and more self-conscious. ..Rarely succeed, some find only the illusion of that half, some die never finding it, only a few enjoy it all, even at a distance, aware of that perfection, which exists, but which will never be available to them ... But, they were lucky, they met her ... for that knowledge about the existence of her other half, her search and recognition, even if she was not with us, it is worth living ...

That’s why you love, you fight for love, you fight to get it and keep it. because she is the only eternal, everything else is transient. Whatever obstacles you encounter in your search for love and the other half of your heart, believe me, you will be rewarded in the end. You will understand that it was worth waiting, being alone, grieving, making so many mistakes that we regretted. It is all the price of true and sincere love.

Also, who knows how to love, knows how to forgive ... Someone said that to sin is human, and to forgive is divine and true forgiveness is a gift that brings us closest to our divine nature.

Forgiveness comes from within, from the need to free ourselves from the chains that bind us. Forgiveness is given from the heart, not from the mind ... Forgiveness requires an encounter with oneself, with one's strength for love, and then putting evil in the background. Many should understand that forgiveness is not weakness, forgiveness is strength, that forgiveness is not stupidity, but wisdom. Forgiveness is, in its essence, nobility. So people love each other because there is no better feeling than when you are in love when you love, and when you know that there is someone who returns that love to you ... Also forgive each other because without that there is no love ...

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