A Sad Story (part II)

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Hello everyone congratulate me because I'm getting back on track even my house chores is crazier than before, because classes are back to normal my eldest daughter can't helped me always compared to before. She needs to be in school early at six in the morning so I need to bring her on the road before six AM along with his younger brother grade 7 and my elderst is Grade 11.

So I received a note last week that I need to attend a PTA meeting starts at 9:20 till 10: 20 AM for my eldest and to my son 10:30 to 11:20 AM. So me and Ria arrived on time and into my surprised as I bring all her important things such as milk, water and so far the meeting will be done at the fourth floor I thought it will be on their covered court. As my eldest told me their location I was already tired climbing the stairs and I got dizzy on my way up. As the discussions starts the election of officers is being held and I didn't let them elect me as a part of them because I know i can't do my obligationds into them. Same into my son's meeting but it was held on the first floor.

And my intro is getting long so lets go to the main topic, I'll be writing the part two of my niece sad story and if you haven't read the first part here's the Link and were the part where my niece suddenly cries she cried because I read something to her that eventually touches her lonely heart I didn't mean too made her cry but as she told in the first part that even other people think she is a flirt woman she still have a lot of dreams and she has a lot of reasons why she's seeking attention to others.

How hurtful to grow into a broken family you have a father but didn't see her worth she maybe had her grandparents that made her special but other people thinks she's just taking advantage what a lonely life she had. I remember she was badly hurt by his own father the story was she was send away by her auntie because they end up fighting and hurting each other and she taught she'll have a better life with her father but she was wrong she was hurt and run away. Months passes by they were united in her grandparents house but in that place she almost Cursed her father because she told me that she was hit by a chair and there were a lot of blood. She was with my in law that time but they were insulting each other before that major thing happened.

After I heard that she almost cried at me but her tears was so different now I thought it was all mixed up, and because it was so heavy that she can't carry it anymore. She had a communication with her mom before but she stopped for a while. Because they had a misunderstandings and we need to respect her decisions


You can check my Facebook page it's on my wall and shared it before and realized that's she was this person, as I read this one by one I told (ikaw to!) Or this is you! Then she suddenly cries it's just few a words but we never realized that person is carrying a burden inside. I just told my niece that I'll help you till I can and I know your a strong person just keep praying because he will always guide you. And we're always chatting each other so I always know whats going into her.


Thank you so much for your wonderful time reading my today's blog.

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