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You belong with me (Amy's POV)

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4 months ago

It was so cold out here waiting for my bestfriend, I'm sitting here at their porch when suddenly a car stop and I saw him, I saw my best friend, I saw Ray, my pup, I always call him pup, I gave him that nickname cause he was so. Cute and adorable.

When he got out of his car, I found him looking at me, he's tall figure was so overwhelming, but the sadness wrapped all his aura, his tears that started to build up beneath his eyes, that anytime will fall, his expression that shows like the world was against him.

He quickly walk towards to me, and I'm afraid he seen my face so worried and looking at his state, I can't help but to cry, I stand hastily and welcomed him with a tight hug to make him feel. Like everything gonna be alright, that I'm here and alway be here for him, I started to caress his back and his tears started to fall, he holds me tight like he just needed me, he just needed a shoulder to cry on, and I'm always willing to be that person for him.

"it hurts Amy, it really hurt..." he said cracking up.his own voice because of his cries.

"shhh let it all out pup, let it all out... just cry all you want, I'll be here... I'm always be here..." I comforted him with genuine words to make him feel that I'm always on his side even he feels that the world turns against him.

"she cheated on me Amy, she just..."

"for almost 3 years of being together she just throws it like a piece of crampled trash, like I'm not worth it"

I hear his cries, I was in my review papers when I received a message from him, that he needs me, I went to their house and waited for him, and now here I am comforting my best friend, it's funny how that two words makes me the happiest but now it makes my heart broke into pieces, because for him, I'm always that bestfriend.

I broke the hug, and make him face me, I started to wipe his tears...

"don't you ever said that you're not-"

"cause I am Amy, I'm a worthless person!" he cut me off and ahouts at me, but still I understand him, he was just like this when he's so messed up...

"no no no, it's okay, hey hey... Listen.."

"you're worth it pup, you'll always worth it, she just doesn't have any idea what she'd lost"

Yes pup, I hope you will see me too, I hope you don't question your worth because of her, cause for me you were always be.

I've got an idea to make him feel calm, I drove his car and went to my favorite place, this is away from city, where the only moon and stars are the only light we see.

We lay down to the back of his picked up, and just enjoy the view, silence invaded the both of us, but that silence makes us feel peace and calm, the comfortable silence, I've seen him looking at me in my peripheral view, my heart started to beat faster than it's normal, the feels he always gives me everytime his with me, I don't understand why I always want him to be my side, maybe because I've gotten used to it,I've gotten used to his presence even on normal days like this.

My thoughts were interrupted when he ztarted to speak, he started to thank me for being by his side.

I look at his eyes, his brown orbs, I melted by the sight of him, I stares at him a little longer than a bestfriend should have

"hey pup, don't you ever said that you're not worth it, it really hurts when seeing you like this, remember that you were always be worth it, if not for her then for me you are, You deserved more pup" I straightly said while looking at his eyes

I wanted him to feel calm while he's with me, I'm trying to make him laugh in my random stories, I'm trying to make him smile and lessen the pain he feel right now. My heart was beating loud out of omy chest, while looking at moonlight

"but you know Amy what makes me look like a fool" he said

I just look at him while smiling

"that even she cheated on me, I still love her" he said and that's when I felt my word crashes before me, I wanted to grabe the chance to have him but it all falls out again, but it's funny because I never thought I'll fall this hard to him.

All became silent, I stand up and without looking at him

"hey are you mad?" he asked me

"no it's just... It's just late come on let's go to your home" I just reason out to cover up the pain I'm feeling inside and walk to the driver seat.

We drive home that silence in enveloping us, I know that I will be the sadistic bestfriend, even it pains me to see you happy with her even she hurts you, I'm still here and always be.

After almost a month you told me that you and her get back together, at first I was sad but I think it's for the better, I tried to focus on my studies just to forget the pain I'm feeling, when you tell me that you were so sincere and lucky that I'm your bestfriend, I don't know if I wshould be happy because that all I'll ever be, just your bestfriend and that's enough for mw as long as your happy, I'm happy, congratulation pup, you found your person, even if it's not me, your happiness first before mine, I know someday I will forget this feeling and when that time comes, I will still be your one and only bestfriend.

This is just pov of Amy in the story that I wrote titled you belong with me, if you're still not read it, heres the link

Thank you for reading this story, this is fiction but some part of this is base on my experience yeahh still bestfriend zone, the world best best friend is here writing this kind of stories, anyways thanks for reading glink

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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