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You belong with me

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4 months ago

I parked my car while wiping the tears I tried to manage not to fall, I looked at my house, and see a silhouette sitting at the porch of my house, it was her, it was my bestfriend, it was Amy.

I quickly walk towards to her, I saw her worried face, her eyes that about to cry, and she hastily stand and welcome me with her warm and tight hug, she hugged me so tight like she's telling me that it's all gonna be alright, as soon as I felt her tight and loving embrace, I immediately lost it, the tears that I'm trying to manage not to fall is already running down to my face, I held onto her and cried myself out, I'm a messed, and I'm not scared to feel this way when I'm with my bestfriend, with her I can be my ownself, with her there's no judgement.

"it hurts Amy, it really hurt..." I said while sobbing

I felt her hugged me even more tighter and she's caressing my back, she's always my shoulder to leaned on.

"shhh, let it out pup, let it all out... Just cry all you want, I'll be here... I'm always be here..." she said without breaking the hug.

"she cheated on me Amy, she just..." I begun to cry another bucket of tears while seeing the image of my girlfriend kissing another man, it hurts it really effin hurts.

"for almost 3 years of being together, she just throws it like a piece of crampled trash, like I'm not worth it" I broke down and let my tears run dry.

I suddenly felt her breaking the hug and make me face her, she begun to wipe my tears and says

"shhhh, don't you ever said that you're not-"

"cause I am Amy, I'm a worthless person! " I cut her on what she's saying and I felt guilty for shouting at her.

"no no no, it's okay, hey hey... Listen..." she's trying to make me face her again

"you're worth it pup, you'll always worth it, she just doesn't have any idea what she'd lost"

She kiss me in my forehead and carress my face.

"come on pup, let's just go somewhere else" she said while started to walk with me towards my car.

"where are we going at this late Amy?" I'm confused while wiping tears from crying.

"just chill, I'm your personal driver for this night hahaha, come on just sitdown" she goes and walk towards the driver seat and get my keys.

We drived across town and we stop from a quiet place, it's so dark in here but the beauty of the place is just so peaceful and serene, the light that we only see is from the moon and the stars, Amy started to get a blanket from my car and go into the back of my picked up and she put it like she's making as sleep over in the back of my pick up.

"come here pup" amy shout

"what are we gonna do here?" I asked

" shower okay we will shower here in the back of your pick up" she just frankly said and rolled her eyes.

"just lay down pup okay we will just star gazing, come on the view is so beautiful" she said patiently waiting for me to laydown on her side

We were just silently appreciating the view when I started to break the silence.

"it's beautiful out here" I said breaking the silence

"yeah" she just simply said while looking at the stars above us

"thanks Amy" I just said and face her.

"stop, don't cry again pup, you're so ugly hahahahha" she teased me

"hey I'm not! " I pouted

"hahahah come on I'm just making you smile. Enough of crying pup" Amy said while facing me, we are side to side facing each other.

"hey pup, don't you ever said that you're not worth it, it really hurts when seeing you like this, remember that you were always be worth it, if not for her then for me you are, You deserved more pup" she straightly said while looking at my eyes

I felt calm while hearing her said that, she comfort me with words that make my heart warm. She makes me laugh in her random stories, she's trying to make me smile and lessen the pain I feel right now.

"but you know Amy what makes me look like a fool" I said

She just look at me while smiling

"that even she cheated on me, I still love her" I said and her smile started to fall down into a plain emotion.

All became silent, she stand up and said

"come on pup it's already late" she just said without looking at me

"hey are you mad?" I asked her

"no it's just... It's just late come on let's go to your home" she said and walk to the driver seat.

The drive to my home felt silent and cold, she just nodding on what I randomly says, is it me or I just see that Amy is mad at me, what did I've done wrong.

After almost a month my ex that cheated on me goes to my house and hearing her apologies and that she will never let that thing happens again, I forgive her because I really love her, and being inlove with her is the best feeling, even if it makes me look like a fool

"hey amyyyyy, I miss you" I hugged her like a baby

"I miss you too pup" she said while breaking the hug

"I've got a good news" I excitedly said

"what" she's waiting for me to continue, her eyes are looking at me with joy is all over her face because we seen each other again. She was so busy for this past few weeks because of her studies.

"we got back Amy, Aly and I are together again"I said proudly to her, her blank expression started to show again but later on it change to smile but not the smile that reaches her eyes

"congrats pup" she said genuinely

"thanks Amy, what would I do if you're not my bestfriend" I hugged her again

"Hahaha well, anyways pup I'm gonna go let's catch up another time, I have to do something for my studies" before I even got a chance to speak, she walk so fast to her car and drove away. I left here watching her car to be gone, I'm still confused but yeah it's okay atleast the important is I have Aly back and I have my bestfriend know it first.

Another bestfriend zone again for us, cheers to the lover we don't have mga bebe, gonna make POV for Amy, hindi pedeng di naten malaman ang feelings ni Amy.

I'm still grateful for my first sponsorship @TengoLoTodothank you so much for your kindness.

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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