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Familiar melody

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4 months ago

Have you ever heard a song and then it suddenly just made you think of someone...

someone that you haven't seen for a long period of time,

someone that has been played a big part in your life,

someone that you misses so much,

and someone that you always wanted to be by your side.

Do you know the feeling when you think of them after hearing a familiar melody of a familiar song, the voice of the artist that rang to your ears and it's like everything became nostalgic, everything came back in time...

The time you first listen to the song that you wouldn't expect to became your favorite that makes you feel different emotion in just one song.

I just write this because I feel the want to wrote this down, it seems so overwhelming all the memories just came back after I heard the familiar song that I didn't want to listen for so long.

This is just my own experience on falling to someone, hahhaaha I remember how I look crazy over one person, you know you became crazy when you really have a genuine feelings to someone, I never gotten a day without stealing a glace to him.

It all started with my embarrassing moment in school, I was just listening to the song Biglaan by 6cyclemind, I really love opm song, the vibes that I get while listening to is so catch for me. So back to the story, I was walking to get to my next class, I wear my eaphones and listen to the song, but them someone just tap my shoulder from the back and when I turn around I was so confused and look at the person, I don't hear what he's saying because the loud music coming from my earphones, and when I removed it, I was so confused why the hell I still heard the song and that my embarrassment started my earphones pin is broken so I heard music from it and also from the speaker of my phone. He just laughed and just explain that to me, I act like nothing happened and just walk fast and went to my class room.

The other day, I was walking again through my next class when I bump to someone and when I look up, I see a familiar face, and then I remember him, the boy yesterday, it was funny cause I was just star struck to his looks when I got to see him so much closer. I was back to reality when he said sorry, then he just go with he's friends.

it's so funny when I tell my friend Nicole about him, Nicole just said that she knows him, he was her classmate back on elementary days, then Nicole started to tell stories about him, I think I have a crush on him, just a little, so I just always steal glance in their dance practice, I go with Nicole just to steal glances with him, anywyas his name is Stanley, just hearing his name make me miss him, (yieeee wag maharot girl past is past)

When Nicole make Stanley and I to know each other, we got too close and bond always, then one time I was just waiting fory next class and I put my earphones on and listen to the same song Biglaan by 6cyclemind, someone just sitted beside me and remove the earphone from my left ear and wear it, it's Stanley, I was red as tomato that time, I don't know how would I act, (grabeee pa fall talaga sya mga bebe) then he laughed at my face because he remembered something from this song, yes Stanley that's when we first seen each other even with the embarrassment I felt that time I would think that this song is out theme song (oo maharot ako hahahhahaa pasensya na guysss).

To make the story short, I always support Stanley on his school dance performance because he was a member of a dance club from our school (naalala ko yung pinavideohan nya sakin sayaw nila pero ang ni vid ko lang is sya, napakamot na lang sya sa ulo after mapanood video nya kasi bat di ko daw sinama buong group, dahilan na lang ako na akala ko sya lang vibideohan hahaaja) but yeah after all of my crazy acts I've done I'm still a coward for not telling him that I like him, and now I still miss him, we doesn't communicate like we used to after we graduated in shs, so after hearing the song on my spotify plalist, I just think of him again after a long time, hahahaha I suddenly wanted to talk to him but what would I tell him hahahha I think I just listen again to the playlist I made for him way back 2018 hahahaha anyways here's the playlist guys, if you read it vertically all the title it's my way of confession to him but his too dumb chourr nahiya lang talaga ko. Anyways yun lang it's just so random sharing.

I'm still overwhelmed for the sponsorship of @TengoLoTodo thank you so much again.

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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