Will you like to be an "Unfluencer?"

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You must have heard the word "Influencer?"

I guess everybody knows what influencers mean, a popular word in social media and business. I also think you haven't heard about the word I wrote in the title.

Influencers are mostly self-proclaimed people who boast about their influence on others. Sometimes, business entities choose celebrities to enforce their product in commercial advertisements.

Celebrities are considered influencers among people. Plenty of advertisements use common people (actors) to act in promo videos.

But have you heard the word "Unfluencer?"

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  • I am almost sure that most of you haven't heard about the word "Unfluencer." You may find the word in unorthodox dictionaries. As per the orthodox dictionary, "Unfluence" means the opposite to influence.

We created the word "Unfluencers" by which we mean the set of LinkedIn members (and on other spaces) who carefully read the posts they wish to engage with, write constructive comments, and reply to comments straight from their hearts.

  • We include Jeffrey Strickland, who is a resident of Colorado, USA, and an expert in statistics, big data, and predictive analytics. We also include me (Debesh Choudhury).

"The Unfluencers" is a LinkedIn Group.

Please join "The Unfluencers" LinkedIn Group if you are on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8322215/ The group was featured twice in Forbes Entrepreneurs channel articles in 2015 and 2016.

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Jeffrey Strickland is an author of many books on statistics, big data, and predictive analytics. Presently, Jeffrey is not viewable on LinkedIn because he deactivated his account for some important work in his real life.

I will create a regular session as "Unfluencer Speaks.

  • I plan to start "Unfluencer Speaks" in January 2023.

If you haven't yet joined LinkedIn, consider to join and setting up a new chapter in your professional life.

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Dec 24, 2022

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I guess I must be an unfluencer of sorts since I tend to just say what's on my mind, be brutally honest, and not worry myself with the consequences of that.

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8 months ago

Indeed it's my first time encountering that word unfluencers, influencers are much more common and I've known that word too

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9 months ago