When Will ReadCash Support Odysee Video Links?

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4 months ago

The content platform LBRY.TV no longer exists.

  • The LBRY blockchain-based content publishing platform is Odysee-dot-Com.

ReadCash did accept LBRY links to share video content from Odysee.

  • Earlier, the video content of Odysee did have LBRY URLs.

  • Now, Odysee discontinued sharing the LBRY URLs.

So, we can't share Odysee videos on ReadCash.

I appeal to the ReadCash admin to include Odysee video links.

An example of a video link to my Odysee video content is shown below.


If I insert that in the video insertion box of the GUI, it gives the following error.

Screenshot Source

I earnestly request the ReadCash admin to arrange to support Odysee video links.

If I insert a YouTube link, the platform accepts it.

Video Source


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

Screenshot Source

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May 06, 2023

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4 months ago


Well, a few hours ago I saw that a user posted a video from the odysee platform and apparently it worked for him, it's the first time I've seen a user linking a video from that video platform to readcash.

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4 months ago

Yes, ReadCash accepts LBRY URL links. Earlier, Odysee used to provide the LBRY links inside the body of every content. Now, Odysee stopped displaying the LBRY links, but the links still work. If one gives the LBRY links, it takes. But I forgot to keep records of LBRY links from where I could have put the corresponding LBRY URL!

You can check my older articles with Odysee videos embedded, such as this one https://read.cash/@Unity/ravi-shankar-taught-sitar-to-beatles-guitarist-george-harrison-376e5af8

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4 months ago

Another thing I would like to see implemented is to write in two languages, as is done on other web3 platforms such as Hive, Blurt, and Steemit.

In fact, I published a post about it today, as an initiative of the users.

I see it as something limiting that only a certain language is used.

In addition, there are other languages, such as the Spanish language. I would like my language (Spanish) to be more visible, and for Spanish-speaking users to feel that the platform welcomes them with their language.

I will continue to write about it. I want there to be more Spanish in Read Cash.

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4 months ago

We can write and post in any language. There is no bar on language.

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4 months ago

I know, but a while ago I published a post in two languages. And, he was the only one that wasn't voted for by Rusty. On the other hand, all the others in which I wrote in a single language yes.

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4 months ago