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Twitter Blue Adds Insult to FTX Injury

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2 days ago

Social media platforms are easy sources of digital scams.

There is no end to scams over the Internet. The digital world is omnipotent with unlimited sources to scam people. Alluring people is so easy nowadays.

  • Digital domains are always ready with a new scam! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are overloaded with scamming accounts.

The airdrop cryptocurrency giveaway is one of the easiest ways to attract Internet users to a scamming funnel. How would people know which accounts are humans, bots, or fake?

Twitter blue is an easy instrument to scam people.

  • How do you know that a popular account you follow is not a bot? Twitter got millions of fake accounts which have verified blue ribbons. In most cases, fake accounts are controlled programmatically and powered with AI algorithms.

Elon Musk, the new wonder of Twitter, has now given more power to the scammers to get a verified blue ribbon by paying only $8. It has become so easy to fool Twitter users with a verified blue ribbon!

  • I often get email advertisements to buy products like "Increase your Twitter follower by paying a few hundred dollars per 1k follower." Similar products are also available for increasing followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

A Twitter blue account allures people for FTX compensation!

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  • A Twitter verified account posted a dozen Tweets with deepfake videos as FTX founder, alluring people to get compensation by depositing some small crypto fund to a crypto address!

  • The scammer did a childish act while spamming. How did the scammer assume that people would deposit more funds to get compensation? Anybody with a little reasoning mind can make out the intention!

It is an example of how a Twitter account with a verified blue ribbon can try to scam people and loot cryptocurrencies.

Twitter adds insult to injury caused by the FTX scam.

Already many cryptocurrency users suffered due to FTX's bankruptcy. The cryptocurrency exchange just wiped off users' digital money which caused a big economic injury to them.

  • Twitter's verified account posted Tweets with a deepfake video about FTX compensation and added insult to FTX injury.

  • The Tweet offers to repay the lost crypto in the FTX bankruptcy!

Screenshot Source

Next time you look for a Twitter blue ribbon as a trustable symbol, please think many times before your actions.

Beware of airdrops or compensation in cryptocurrencies!

  • Airdrops are random rewards. Sometimes, you may receive a lotto.

But, in many cases, the airdrops are fake propaganda to attract people to come inside their scamming funnel.

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Nov 24, 2022

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Written by   364
2 days ago
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I knew that paid blue tick would be a problem because it's hard to know who is who...if only there can be a colour differentiation...

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1 day ago

Now it is easy to do a scam by giving a dollar and getting .a blue tick like earlier with Coca-Cola company said that Pepsi is better than coke

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1 day ago

Ninety percent of social media are scams. And we are engaging with fake content!

$ 0.00
1 day ago

A few time I have also been suffered like this. I participated in a few giveaway on Twitter but they either didn't respond or they have to do this and that, blah blah

$ 0.00
1 day ago

Giveaways are mostly scams, be they fiat or cryptocurrencies. Give-and-take schemes are realistic.

$ 0.00
1 day ago

That day onward I deleted my account... LOL

$ 0.00
1 day ago