Some Wishes I Want Could Happen

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3 months ago

Could there be a way to get rid of the troubles in the society?

  • Human society is full of problems that are increasing every day. The pressure is on the common mass to survive. The difference between the wealthiest one percent and the remaining ninety-nine percent global population is increasing.

  • All rich people are not evil. But most affluent people use corruption to build their businesses and multiply their wealth. The owners of the top business houses are no exception.

  • Political and religious leaders are nakedly supporting the corrupt brigade.

Will there be a sure-shot way to get rid of these damaging effects?

Maybe a Genie-like human could make it happen!

  • Why is a Genie required to play the trick?

Why aren't scientists and engineers doing their jobs to invent some technology to combat societal problems?

Why can't humans invent unique techniques and systems to nullify the evil powers of the political/religious leaders and wash out the damaging effects in society?

May we invent a device/chemical that will influence corrupt people to confess their guilt?

Suppose it is a non-toxic chemical, the scent of which will influence corrupt people to confess every crime they committed in the past.

  • If one can spray a little bit of the new invention on the corrupt politicians, they will confess all of their committed crimes in the past!

We need innovators to invent non-toxic chemicals/devices that can influence corrupt people to confess their past crimes.

My wishes are simple.

  1. Invent non-toxic chemicals/devices that can influence/compel corrupt people to tell the truth.

  2. Apply the new invention to corrupt politicians, industrialists, and fake leaders.

  3. Expose the corrupt people and publish the truth about their past crimes.

Mere wishing to invent magical remedies to societal problems is like dreaming in an early morning dream.

That is why I need a Genie-like entity that can invent magical gadgets.

<> But, hold on, it can happen ...

  • If the mainstream news media become honest and truthful.

  • If the common mass becomes courageous to protest against societal corruption.

  • If the voters vote for the most eligible candidate to win the election.

So, the Genie is the mainstream news media. They can do a lot of wonders.

<> Shall they do it?

This is my article entry on the "Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes Challenge" by @Coolmidwestguy


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June 09, 2023

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3 months ago


Good insight of wishes. Non toxic chemical would give us a better place to live. Inventions to prevent injustice and corruption would make it safer for all. If people could break away from affiliation and vote for the best candidate that would mean better leaders equiped to solve more issues.

The more I think about these wishes and reading them I think the best wish would be wishing for global happiness. Bring it Genie, lets bring global Unity!!

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3 months ago

I love your comment, filled with hopes and good wishes for the planet.

Now, I hope the ReadCash system Genie will correct all past transaction errors :)

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3 months ago

Haha that's what we forget to wish for an improved, ahaha.

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3 months ago

The criminals will hang such scientist who will invent such chemical or device hahaha. Btw great wish , may it possible to see such thing to make our world more pretty. Lovely entry to the contest.

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3 months ago

Yes, criminals would never tolerate such an invention and will kill the scientist. I appreciate your time and support.

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3 months ago