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Poverty Alleviation and Entrepreneurship

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6 months ago

Poverty alleviation is a popular phrase.

A majority of the world population is poor. We always paise the philanthropic endeavors of the top billionaires through nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Ironically, many of these NGOs are for profit. Many of their NGOs earned billions of dollars during the so-called enforced pandemic.

Of course, a few smaller and rather not-so-famous NGOs have been contributing positively to the development of the poor strata of the global population. They do not get promotions from the mainstream news media. But, these NGOs are making a huge impact by creating entrepreneurship for and by the poor people.

The entrepreneurial training and developments of these NGOs lighted a new hope in the lives of poor people. In this article, I wish to highlight the impact of entrepreneurship on poverty alleviation.

Entrepreneurship is a tool for poverty alleviation

In the third world nations of Asia, Africa, and South America, the citizens do not have adequate facilities for education and health. A large percentage of the youth are jobless. Employment opportunities are shrinking every year.

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer were awarded the 2019 Nobel prize in economics for their pioneering experimental approach to alleviating poverty.

  • The 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Economics proved that entrepreneurship could be field trialed among groups of global citizens to fight poverty.

The Nobel laureates were actively involved in using their proposed "randomised controlled trials" (RCT) to field test the effectiveness of various policy interventions for poverty alleviation.

While experimenting, the Nobel Laureates eventually discovered that entrepreneurship is one of the best instruments to empower the people towards self-reliance and fighting poverty.

The experimental approach of "randomized controlled trials" (RCT) can be utilized to tackle the global poverty problem

Several years before the Swedish academy conferred the Nobel prize on Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer, it would be interesting to note that the three developed and experimentally tested their "randomized controlled trials" (RCT) technique in different rural areas of Africa and Asia.

They found that health was (is) the primary requirement that is not being addressed adequately. They also observed that the poor people earn their living by doing plenty of temporary, odd jobs.

The findings of their RCT techniques made it very clear that "the first and the foremost thing the poor global citizens need is to get into regular earning."

No method can be better to alleviate poverty other than entrepreneurship

Graphics: A collage of screenshots from a news report on Baruipur, WB, India.

The RCT model Banerjee et al were field trialed among the poorest population of Asia and Africa. Their economic developmental works involved encouraging and helping the poor people to start earning by entrepreneurship.

  • Banerjee et al. had identified the poorest of the poor in the Asian and African villages and taught them the tricks "how to start their own business," i.e., entrepreneurship.

  • They had directly helped the poor people build the much-required confidence by literally sitting with them, actively advising them

  1. to save a tiny amount of money from their everyday expenditure,

  2. getting assistance through the micro-financing bodies of different banks,

  3. developing small businesses of their own.

The field experiments of the 2019 Nobel Prize winners is a proof that nothing can help better to alleviate poverty other than entrepreneurship.

Final remarks and recommendation

No method can help better to alleviate poverty other than entrepreneurship.

May we conclude the following?

  • Entrepreneurship is a must for human society.

  • Entrepreneurship must be taught in middle schools, high schools, colleges.

  • We must teach the students entrepreneurship at every level to enable the passing out students to be the future 'doers,' 'makers,' and 'cutting edge thinkers.'

We must learn to live like an entrepreneur.

At least, we must nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.

That is the need for time.

Age is not a bar.


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March 15, 2022.

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Written by   315
6 months ago
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Your time is poor in our society so you have to take initiative to work behind all this.

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6 months ago

Poverty alleviation is possible by entrepreneurship.

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6 months ago

I have enrolled my self in a lot of entrepreneur programs and I got a lot of benefits while in the program

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6 months ago

Good. The popular are theoretical courses and lectures. It is essential to have practical and real-life experiments with entrepreneurship that most training programs don't offer.

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6 months ago

We do have a increase in Entrepreneurs but still very less people doing Entrepreneurship. Umm you can add a difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship as a few months before only I learned the difference between them, earlier used to think Entrepreneurship is same as Entrepreneur. And I think many people still think like that.

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6 months ago

Yes, more training and practice of entrepreneurship are required throughout the world.

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6 months ago